Animal abuser on loose: Dog in Baltimore stabbed 11 times all over body

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In Baltimore, an animal abuser remains on the loose. On Friday morning, the Baltimore City Police received a call about a stray dog who was running around the area of the 1200 block of Gittings Avenue, bleeding and crying.

According to BARCS (Baltimore Animal Rescue & Care Shelter), the stab wounds were done deliberately to the dog’s neck, back and along her tail deliberately and inflicted with a large knife-like object. She has been named Misty and is described as both “soulful and loving,”

 “She was taken to the police station and Animal Control responded with an emergency transport to one of BARCS’ partner ER hospitals.

Misty has 11 stab wounds that were done deliberately to her neck, her back and along her tail. These wounds appear to have been inflicted with a large, knife-like object. The hospital has been working hard to save her life and repair her wounds. X-rays were taken of the stab sites, and luckily none were deep enough to penetrate her airway or vital organs. Her greatest risk moving forward is infection and potential loss of her tail,” the organization posted on their Facebook page.

The veterinarian hospital has been treating Misty. Fortunately her stab wounds were not deep enough to affect her breathing or her internal organs. Her greatest risk now is one of infection and the possibility of her losing her tail.

There is an open investigation for this case. Anyone with information about who stabbed Misty is asked to call the Baltimore City 311 hotline to file a report with the BCPD and Baltimore City Animal Control. The hotline is 24/7. You are able to remain anonymous.

To help Misty, please click here.

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