Amazing dog: Swept away by strong current, pup swam across bay and survived

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Let’s start Monday off with an amazing dog, who when swept away by a strong current in the Choctawhatchee Bay in Florida’s Panhandle, swam across the bay and survived after spending the night in the water.

According to the NfwDaily News, Animal Control Officer Andrea Warren from Okaloosa County, received an emergency call from Rondell Jones saying he let his three dogs out for a swim like he always did, and one of the dogs wouldn’t come back when called. Caesar, a 90-pound pit bull continued to swim farther and farther out until the current caught him; and then he seemed to have disappeared into the night.

Jones searched all night for his dog, and kept calling Warren asking if any dogs had floated up onto the shore either dead or alive. But then came the miracle; a woman called and said she had just rescued a dog out of the bay – miles from where Caesar had originally dipped his paws into the water. And yes – it was Caesar!

“I gave him the address and he said, ‘he swam literally all the way across the bay,'” stated the officer.

Caesar had been in the water over 12 hours and aside from appearing very tired with a few cuts, the dog seemed fine.

(Photo of amazing dog Caesar via Rondell Jones)

Good for you Caesar.

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