Alligator that ate woman’s 100-pound dog captured

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In Auburndale, Florida, a woman told authorities her dog had been off leash near a retention pond on Thursday, when an 11-foot alligator jumped out of the water and snatched her 100-pound dog in its giant jaws.

“My dog didn’t even know what happened,” Cynthia Robinson, the owner of the six-year-old pit bull named Tank stated. ‘He had that look like yelping. He was like ‘help me mama, but I couldn’t do nothing.”

Robinson watched as the 400-pound gator sat there with her dog in its mouth. Dog owners need to keep their pets on leashes.

According to BayNews,  a trapper dispatched to help, by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission, removed an 11-foot-3-inch alligator on Thursday afternoon. The park had  been closed until officials were sure the area was safe. Alligator attacks in Florida are rare, and FWC adminsters a Statewide Nuisance Alligator Program to address complaints of alligators posing a threat to people, property and pets.

The alligator will be destroyed.

People having problems with alligators are urged to contact the Nuisance Alligator Hotline at 866.392.4286.

(Photos via Twitter)

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  1. If I lived in FL, I would NEVER allow my pets loose in an area where I knew there were gators……. Huge fail on the part of Tank’s human who had the job of keeping him safe…… Glad the gator will be destroyed: 11’ gator could easily kill an adult human!!!

    Tank, I know you are in Heaven. You didn’t deserve to die in such a horrible way…… I am very sorry that your human failed you so terribly….. just can’t fix “stupid”…….. Please look for MacKitty in Heaven and RIP amongst loving friends in his snuggle buddies group…..


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