Veterinarians pass animal welfare resolutions

Alberta veterinarians vote to ban medically unnecessary procedures

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Over the weekend, pets in Alberta, Canada, scored a win after veterinarians voted to ban medically unnecessary procedures. And just what constitutes a medically unnecessary pet procedure? Things like ear cropping, tail docking and declawing. The Alberta Animal Health Source outlines all of the procedures impacted by the vote:

This includes the following procedures: ear croppingtail dockingtail nickingtail blockingpartial digit amputation (declawing or onychectomy), cosmetic dentistrytattooing that is not for the purpose of registration and identification, tendonectomy, front dewclaw removal, body piercing, and devocalization.

Another resolution, which requires veterinary staff to report possible cases of animal abuse and neglect, and take action to address “animals in distress,” was passed by members of the Alberta Veterinary Medical Association (ABVMA).

Dr. Darrell Dalton, Registrar of the ABVMA, commented on what the passage of these resolutions mean:

“This is an important step forward for our profession and for animal welfare in this province. I’m grateful for our members who have demonstrated such a profound commitment to their role as guardians of animal welfare in our province by voting in favour of these resolutions.”

Read more details about these resolutions at this link.

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6 replies
  1. Irish Cornaire says:

    And just what constitutes a medically unnecessary pet procedure? Things like ear cropping, tail docking and declawing.

    When will NY get on board? oh thats right the NY veterinarians filling their pocks with $ is more important than the oath they took to cause NO HARM.

    • Irish Cornaire says:

      New York State Assembly | Linda B. Rosenthal has tried for the last 2 years to get deboning cat claws banned but the NY Veterinarins won instead but we wont give up the fight,one vet even encourages it which got me banned on his FB page because I went after him and told him wot happened to my throw away cat,she had been deboned and then garnered behavioral problems by biting and not using the litter box anymore,I rescued her and loved her so deeply and I lost her sadly to stomach cancer 3 yrs ago,I miss her terribly.

  2. Jeanette Fossum says:

    declawing I understand. but tail docking and ears, no. I have met dogs with long tails at the vet’s office more than once, having to have their tails stitched up,. or with broken tails. also I have had a few dogs with drop ears that are prone to infection. so get some commonsense instead of emotions.


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