Alabama man arrested for brutally beating horse

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In Mobile, Alabama, a man was arrested on Monday for brutally beating a horse; the disturbing action captured on a video and later posted to Snapchat.

According to Utv44News, Shaquille Tucker, 22, has been charged with aggravated cruelty to animals after the video showed him mercilessly beating a horse. Sheriff Brock arrested Tucker, and the horse did not belong to him, but to his friend.

The video showed the horse repeatedly beaten with a whip over and over. The horse’s leg was caught in the rope, and at one point the animal couldn’t move. The video was taken by Asia Dailey. The viral video prompted hundreds of phone calls to the Monroe County Animal Control. Officer Becky Frye commented on the disturbing situation.

“He’s whipping the horse on the leg. You can hear it going across the flesh, then later on he ties the horse up with the right leg and he is still beating him with the whip and that’s not the way to do that,” says Frye.

The horse was allegedly being trained by the man in the video. Multiple reports state the horse is doing fine.

Authorities are continuing their investigation into animal cruelty complaints, which includes another disturbing video posted on Facebook showing dogs attacking a raccoon.

Tucker is free on bond.

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  1. Lee says:

    First, the horse has not been located. Second, the abuser tied his leg so the horse couldn’t move. This person is involved with the riding clubs in rural areas that race and ride these horses very hard, with little or no concern at all for the horse. Malnourished, ill fitting or inappropriate equipment, no vet or hoof care…disgusting.


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