Ailing dog found in upstate NY

Ailing dog found in upstate NY – possibly lost by people camping in the area

An ailing, senior dog has been found in upstate New York, and there is speculation that she may have been lost quite some time ago by people who were camping in the area. On August 26, a posting on the dog’s behalf was made on the Lost & Found Dogs – North Carolina Facebook page:

I live in Upstate New York. A Boxer was found in a rural area that we believe the owners lost while camping or vacationing here. We think they live in North Carolina. It’s a female boxer she had on a pink collar. She was severely emaciated as we think she’s been in those woods for over a year.

And a request for help to find her owners:

If everyone could spread the word in North Carolina maybe we can locate this baby’s owners. 

The dog has been transferred to S.T.A.R. Southern Tier Animal Rescue Inc., where it is reported that she is not doing well. On Wednesday, the rescue agency updated Facebook followers:

After an ultrasound, it was determined that Angel is not suffering from Pyometria. She has no uterus, so was apparently spayed at some point. No surgery was welcome news, due to her poor physical condition. However, now her Veterinarian team is grasping to find the reason for her severe dehydration.
Renal failure has been determined… the reason for it is unknown at this point.

The dog, dubbed Angel, is said to be “struggling.” Though she is receiving  vigorous supportive care, she is not improving.

Donations for Angel’s care can be sent to: STAR Southern Tier Animal Rescue 4604 Steenrod Rd Friendship,NY 14739 or via Paypal

Follow Angel’s journey at Facebook here.

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  1. Michelle Lautman says:

    I am responding to this post about a dog found in upstate NY that is believed to belong to someone in North Carolina. It would be super awesome if you put a name to the area the dog was found. You know NY is quite a big place. Thanks.


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