Ailing senior dog euthanized

Ailing dog found by good Samaritan too far gone to save – police are investigating

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A badly neglected and ailing senior dog was found in Franklin, New Hampshire, by a good Samaritan and taken to an emergency veterinarian for care. Sadly, the elderly dog was determined to be too far gone to save so the difficult decision was made to euthanize her.

Granite State Dog Recovery shared the sad news with Facebook followers on Thursday:

We are heartbroken that the dog found in Franklin, NH today did not make it. She now flies with the angels.

Please, if you have ANY info on this dog, contact the Franklin Police Department.

Thank you FPD for making your mission ” not just to help people in need, but all creatures.”

The police chief for the department wrote:

This morning an older female dog was brought to the Franklin Veterinary Clinic by a Good Samaritan. It was obvious that the dog was neglected, apparently abused and left to die. Sadly, the most humane action was to euthanize the dog.

Such treatment of any being, human or infra-human, is unfortunately becoming indicative of so many members of today’s society.


This innocent victim of human abuse had pink paint on the bottom of her right front paw. Perhaps a final memento for someone who cared?

We’d like to think that someone in this poor dog’s life has the remnants of a conscience and will come forward to explain such hideous behavior.

For all who read this, the mission of the Franklin Police Department is not just to help people in need, but all creatures.

“The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.”
Mahatma Gandhi

Are we a moral and progressive society or have we devolved to the point where life, any life, is meaningless?

Doctor Taylor, with the Franklin Veterinary Clinic, writes of the dog’s final moments:

Her kidneys had failed, and there was really no hope for recovery when she was presented to us.
We assured that she was in no pain and was surrounded by people who truly cared about her comfort when she passed.
No soul should have to depart without dignity, a name, and people who care about them. We did our best to provide her with all of these, and even though we only knew her a short time, out hearts are heavy at her passing.

The veterinary staff named the dog Daisy. Anyone with information about this situation is asked to reach out to the Franklin Police Department at (603) 934-2535.

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  1. Jan Barnes says:

    In response to the question in the article–yes, I believe we have “devolved” to a point where it would take a “miracle” to turn society around where it would value and treasure ALL life as God and Nature intended. If Gandhi were alive, he would die all over again! Fortunately, miracles can and do happen! And we need some FAST!


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