After two years, shelter dog no longer greets anyone – too sad to acknowledge them

Sad dog homeless for two years
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A homeless dog, who has spent two years in a Texas animal shelter, no longer gets up to greet visitors because she is too sad to acknowledge them. The senior dog, Leela, once greeted visitors with a wagging tail and smile…but now she seems to realize that nobody is actually coming there to see her.

An advocate writes of Leela’s ever increasing sadness…from the dog’s perspective:

I’ve had two birthdays in the shelter now. I used to greet everyone who came in, hoping they would choose me. I would wag my tail, smile, show off my great manners….
Now I feel like nobody will ever want me. I lay in my bed and turn my back to people coming in because I know whoever they are, they aren’t looking for someone like me. I feel hopeless and my shelter family said today that they are really concerned.

At the very least, Leela needs to be in a foster home – with a family who can show her that she is worthy of love. Will you please help this sad dog find her happiness once again?

Pertinent information about Leela:

Female, spayed
*Heartworm treatment completed!
*Takes Proin for incontinence (if on this, she can hold herself overnight and for up to 5hrs during the day) and Cosequin for her joints. I have two donors wanting to donate towards her medications once adopted for these!
*Her adoption fee has been paid for by a patron.
* She is about 7 yrs young
* She loves comfy spaces, and really short walks 😉
* Enjoys getting brushed and is very patient when getting her nails trimmed.
* Loves children and dressing up!
* Massages are life. Low pressure, spine and neck ♡

Of note: Best as the only pet in the house

Location: Pflugerville Animal Shelter, Texas
Phone: 512-990-6280

Update 8/9/19: There is news about Leela! Click here to read the latest update.

(Image via Facebook)

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  1. I feel so sad for these dogs and cats in the Shelter!!! Hope all the fur babies find their happy, warm and forever home! ???

  2. My heart breaks for this poor baby. I have 2 dogs already, and that’s our limit for our rental home. I’ve shared this article. I hope someone gives her a forever home soon.

  3. Contact Best Friends Animal Society in Austin. I know about them personally. They will likely network this pup. Just advocate for her!!


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