Dog homeless after repeated betrayals

After repeated betrayals, adopted puppy finds herself alone at animal shelter

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In the span of just over a year, a young dog who was adopted from a rescue agency when she was just a puppy, found herself with multiple names, several homes, and ultimately, no home at all when she wound up being locked away at an animal shelter in Whatcom County, Washington.

The repeated betrayals happened to a dog now known as Taystee. She was originally adopted from the Big Dog Rescue Project in the Spring of 2018 and unbeknownst to the rescue agency, her adopter had rehomed her. And then the person who took her from the original adopter rehomed her again. Unbelievably, that person got rid of the pup as well.

When Lauren Bishop, the rescue group’s adoption coordinator, found out that Taystee (formerly Natasha) was at the Whatcom Humane Society, she began investigating – it was her phone calls that revealed just how many times the young dog had been betrayed. Without hesitation, Bishop informed the shelter that Taystee would be coming back to the rescue group.

Bishop commented on the failures Taystee had endured:

Four homes in a little over a year. I am so incredibly sad for Taystee. I am thankful that we now have the opportunity to make things right for Taystee.

Taystee’s original adopter violated the adoption contract with the Big Dog Rescue Project – if things weren’t working out, the dog should have gone back to the rescue agency – not to a random, un-vetted person. If not for Taystee’s microchip with the rescue agency’s information, the betrayed pup could have ended up anywhere.

The rescue group is committed to finding the perfect new home for this sweet pup. The repeated rehomings have left Taystee a bit out of sorts, but Bishop tells the Pet Rescue Report that she is very sweet and still “craves human attention.”

Taystee deserves a devoted new owner – if you are interested in learning more about this adorable pup, please visit the Big Dog Rescue Project on Facebook here.

Rescue group website here.

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