After 3 years, dog finally found a home

After 3 years, longtime shelter resident finally finds a home

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It took three very long years, 1076 days to be exact, for a lovable American bulldog to find a home of his own, but it finally happened! On Saturday, the Pennsylvania SPCA broke the amazing news to Facebook fans in a jubilant, albeit bittersweet, post:

It’s here. The day we wait for in animal welfare. The day when you approach the kennel of a dog who has been in the shelter for exactly 1,076 days…and they aren’t there. They aren’t there for the best reason – they are spending their first day in their #furever family.


It’s bittersweet, but more than that, it’s beautiful. Our Bentley will need no more #TuesdayswithBentley, because he’s in a new home where every day is a new day with Bentley.

The dog who finally found a home is Bentley, an amiable pooch who spent half of his life living in the shelter. The shelter writes:

BENTLEY IS ADOPTED! We will miss him, but more than that, we will celebrate that we didn’t give up – you never gave up. It’s been almost three years, half of his life, but together, we did it, we found him his perfect family.

With thanks to everyone who took part in getting Bentley’s story out, and caring for him, through the years:

Thank you, to everyone who shared his story, to everyone who sent him special treats, to all the volunteers who loved him every one of those 1,076 days, and especially to his shelter staff who was his family until his family came along. It takes a village, and today, we celebrate.

Congratulations Bentley – enjoy your new life!

(Images via Pennsylvania SPCA Facebook page)

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