Adorable pup still wags his tail after dragged behind truck

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In Weeki Wachee, Florida, an adorable pup still wags his tail, even after he had been dragged behind a truck on Friday. An eyewitness spotted the dog named Ollie being dragged after he came loose from the bed of a truck and flew into the median.


According to Nature Coast Animal Wellness and Surgical Center, Ollie didn’t suffer any broken bones, however his paws were scraped bare, and he was bruised throughout his body.


“Thank God for our practice owner Jan Johnson (and whoever else helped) for acting fast to save the life of this pit bull when she noticed him being drug behind a truck on Northcliffe today. He came loose and flew into the median at which point he was rescued. BIG SHOUT OUT to Jason from Spectrum for bringing him to our clinic for treatment! Dr. Stocker has assessed him and so far we know no broken bones and dog is Approx: 1&1/2-2 years old. Desi, Brittany and Josette were all there to help too! We are monitoring for internal bleeding and will be in our care until he is healed and adopted. He has a very sweet temperament , NOT microchipped . Please pray for him and that the person who did this gets caught!,” had been posted on the animal organization’s Facebook.

The community has joined forces to help Ollie find justice, stating this was a “horrific act of animal cruelty.” A fundraiser link has been set up to help with Ollie’s medical expenses.

If you have any information pertaining to this horrendous crime, please contact HCSO @ 352-754-6830
Our email:

“This was the most horrific act of animal cruelty and honestly, none of us are able to even to comprehend it. We so appreciate how the community and the authorities have rallied around Ollie to find justice and we sincerely thank you. We have received many messages and posts about possible culprits or leads based on the description that was given of the truck and the vicinity of the horrific incident. We so appreciate the efforts that everyone is making to bring resolution to this horrible crime, but we are concerned that due to the vagueness of the description of the vehicle, it may be hard to locate the guilty party and we would hate for innocent people to be wrongfully accused or singled out in error or that one of our loving supporters could be harmed in their efforts to support Ollie’s cause. Law enforcement is working diligently on the case and we want to thank them for their efforts and support as well…”

Sunday’s update states Ollie is sore but doing well. One of the veterinarian technicians took him home for the weekend to make him as comfortable as possible.

Here he is enjoying the Florida sunshine:

Here he is! Oliver North! Sweet baby❤️

Posted by Nature Coast Animal Wellness & Surgical Center on Saturday, May 4, 2019

How sweet is this boy? Once he has recovered, Ollie will be available for adoption.

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Dog NOT enjoying puzzle game!

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  1. Yvonne Schwartz says:

    I want to donate to put the person who did this in jail for the rest of his existence! The person that decide to torture this innocent like that deserves the exact same punishment but we can’t do that morally then why we do not even take away their freedom and their power to do this again. Why we keep just patching the damage and we do not stop it? It is a disgrace we allow this level of brutal violence and half of the world keeps trying to fix what the other half leaves in pieces. We are all as guilty for being enablers of these acts. How many times we are going to donate to fix another dog, instead of preventing that people commit these awful crimes. If this would be a human child people would try desperately to really stop it. Every case of violence in animals is linked to violence in humans. If we want a safe world for our children we can’t let psychopaths practice with pets anymore.


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