Admin of Sauk Rapids animal shelter resigns after dogs left out in subzero temps

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In Sauk Rapids, Minnesota, an administrator of the animal shelter resigned after a video surfaced on social media showing dogs left out in subzero temperatures of near -30 degrees. The staff on duty that day were also fired.

According to Fox9News, Sauk Rapids police responded to the situation and arrived at the Central Minnesota Animal Care and Control after a concerned employee called. The dogs had been outside in the -30 degrees with a windchill of -50 approximately 20 minutes at that point. The officer found several dogs outside barking, and at least one of the dogs had been shivering. No one answered when the officer knocked at the door.

The shelter administrator was  contacted and stated the employees had been cleaning the kennels and let the dogs out during that time. The dogs were taken in a short time later.

No charges have been made against the shelter since no dogs were injured and were brought inside. A post on Facebook stated Lisa Tenter, the shelter administrator, had resigned although she said there had been untrue rumors circulating.

“…we do not want to hide the fact that leaving animals outdoors in such weather conditions, even for short periods of time, can be very dangerous to all animals. We would like to caution everyone to please remember, that if you, personally, would not stand outside (uncovered) with your pet, then do not make your pet stand outside.”

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  1. Barkley's Mom says:

    I understand the kennels need to be cleaned but do it a few at a time so the dogs aren’t out for too long in conditions like this. Someone obviously wasn’t using common sense and probably doing the cleaning like they would in warmer temperatures. I’m glad this was brought to the attention of the authorities before it was too late.


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