Abandoned puppy found eating his deceased sibling trying to survive

In Atlanta, Georgia, a severely emaciated puppy was found on Friday eating one of his deceased siblings just trying to survive. A Good Samaritan spotted the puppy, along with another living litter mate, however only one could be captured; the other sibling ran off under the abandoned home.

“This is a complete nightmare with few facts,” posted Jackie O’Sullivan, co-founder of Rescue Dogs Rock NYC, the non-profit animal rescue organization that volunteered to help the critically ill six-month-old puppy. “All we know is this puppy needed a rescue commitment or would have been euthanized. Someone has to be responsible for the bill and ok treatment. For 2 hours this poor baby only got a parvo test – his body temp is only 94 & his gums are white.”

Dubbed Kirby by his rescuers, the puppy survived his first night dependent on intravenous fluids, heat and blood pressure support. His body score has been rated a “1” out of “9.” He seems to want to live, but is so weak it is not known if he recover. Animal Control is on the scene looking for any other survivors.

KIRBY, our sweet boy rescued last night in GA after he was found eating the carcass of his dead sibling is still fighting for his life. His body temp is still low & he’s not eating. The ER is doing everything they can to save him 💔😥🙏🏼 he remains critical tonight.”

Check out his video:


While many of us are preparing for the holidays, animal cruelty doesn’t stop. Help Kirby and so many like him. Sharing saves lives.

Updates to follow.

To donate:

www.paypal.me/rescuedogsrocknyc or
or checks to:
Rescue Dogs Rock NYC
PO Box 101
New York, NY 10028
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