Abandoned mother dogs bonded together to save their newborn puppies

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In Los Angeles, California, a Good Samaritan walking near an alley made an unusual discovery. Two abandoned mother dogs and their newborn puppies were cuddled up together staying warm and collectively protecting each other and their puppies.

Check out their first video:


According to the Northwest Dog Project (NDP), the woman who found the puppies nearly two weeks ago, refused to leave them in the alley to fend for themselves and so she brought them home and later helped transfer them to the rescue located in Eugene, Oregon. Between the two moms, there were nine puppies – 2 males and seven girls.

“These 2 mama dogs were found in an alley, curled up together with their 9 puppies,” the rescue organization posted on their social media page. “We’ve got no idea who’s is who’s at this point, they’re just one big family.”

Check out their video:


It is more than likely the two mother dogs had been abandoned for quite awhile, since they were both extremely malnourished and starving. How they met each other or whether they were kicked out from their former homes together, is unknown. Each mother dog seemed to have their own jobs caring for the puppies. When one mom would nurse, the other dog would clean the babies.

The puppies are doing well and are expected to be ready for adoption in mid-February. If interested in  donating or adopting, please click here.

(Photos of  abandoned mother dogs and their puppies Northwest Dog Project)

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  1. My Heartfelt Thanks to the wonderful lady who found this precious blended family and took them into her home until she could find a shelter placement for all animals of them to stay together.
    WhT kind of inhumane individual does this to new Mamas and their babies? They deserve no better treatment – left out in the cold til their temps are dangerously low and they can’t warm themselves. The trouble is nobody doing es that to humans – only poor defenceless precious creatures, ergo the perpetrators should be left to rot thousands of miles from anywhere.
    My Thoughts and Prayers for each of these beautiful Mamas and babies to find their ideal furever family where they will know only love, happiness and contentment all their lives. If you can donate towards their care, please do so.

  2. AWESOME !!! Golly How lucky for these 2 devoted Mom’s and their Litters of 9 apparently healthy pups THAT a HUMAN ANGEL was dispatched to happen upon these little bonded families!!! A caring rescue stepped in and All them are Safe!!!! Such a Good Outcome for a change the Photo’s brought tears to my eyes JUST thinking of the horrible outcome that could Have Been in the Making for them….. Bless everyone that made it possible for these beautiful dogs to have a chance at families, loving companions and longevity!!!!


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