Abandoned: Dog found dumped in ditch with his wheelchair

Another heartless person broke Bear’s heart and even worse – dumped him in a ditch along with his wheelchair in Ohio late last week. Bear suffers from Degenerate Myelopathy – a disease which attacks their spine resulting in loss of function in their back legs.

According to Trina & Friends K-9 Rescue, located in Bedford, New York, Bear was taken to the Humane Society of Ohio where he was scanned and his microchip read. When his owners were contacted, they didn’t want their dog returned.

“Every dog deserves a happy home, but mostly a special needs one. Trina is my dog and the name behind my rescue; she has DM and I’m all too familiar with the disease,” wrote rescue founder, Karina Rosito on Facebook. “Bear was abandoned left to die how can people be so cruel?”

And when Bear needed help, Trina & Friends K-9 Rescue were ready to take him home, but an adopter from New Hampshire stepped up to help. On Monday, Bear left Ohio to travel to his new forever home.

“…I had to help him and truly it takes a village of wonderful people to help because without their help this isn’t possible. We wish you a beautiful life Bear – you are now home.”

Angels are out there; many thanks to Susan Baker for loving Bear.

To help Trina & Friends K-9 Rescue, please click here.

(Photos of Bear with his wheelchair via FB)

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