A last hug for Samosa: Puppy slated to die at NYC shelter

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Is this to be the last hug for Samosa? This tiny pup, barely a year old will never be touched again, if the New York Animal Care Center in Brooklyn, New York euthanize her early Saturday afternoon because no one wants her.

“Have you ever wondered what it’s like to volunteer at a kill shelter? To hold, to love, to nurture a lost soul, knowing that it might be the last time you see her? Most of us couldn’t handle it, but for her -that volunteer is everything!

It might be the first time she has felt a soft touch, heard a kind word, played with a toy, or felt loved. They do it because they hope that someone like YOU will open your heart and give her a chance to live in a loving home –like little puppy girl Samosa.”

When found tied up, Samosa was brought to the crowded high-kill shelter, adopted, but then returned four days later because she nipped at the person’s roommate – maybe caught by surprise, however did not break the skin of the person.

The dog’s advocate wrote some notes to describe this young pooch.

“…Samosa is high energy, a little Tanzanian devil, LOVES attention, snacks and toys and is super duper friendly. She even let us pick her up to show how little she is! She does seem housetrained, as well. She’d probably do best with another playful, tolerant dog. Cats unknown. My guess is while getting used to her new surroundings, her owner’s roommate startled her, hence her “bite” that didn’t even break skin…”

Check out Samosa’s video:

SAMOSA, ID# 60110, 1 yr old, 33.2 lbs, Neutered Male
Brooklyn ACC, Medium Mixed Breed, Tan / White
I came to the shelter as an Adoption Return 04/23/19
Owner Surrender Reason: returned to the center due to behavior concerns
Shelter Assessment Rating: NEW HOPE ONLY
No children (under 13)
Medical Behavior Rating: 1. GREEN

AT RISK NOTE: While Samosa has displayed social behavior in the care center, she has escalated to biting in a new home environment when someone walked into the room. Due to this bite incident as well as her potential for fear-based aggression, we feel she may be best set up to succeed if placed with an experienced rescue partner. Samosa was also diagnosed with CIRDC and will have to stay away from other dogs for 14 days.

For a New Family to Know: She was described as friendly, affectionate and playful. She likes to follow people around and to be in the same room. She was kept indoors only and was fed dry and wet food. Samosa is house-trained and goes on grass and cement. She has never been crated. Samosa listens to sit and come. She is used to brisks walks on leash for exercise.

TO SAVE PUPPY GIRL SAMOSA #60110, please post on THREAD or PRIVATE MESSAGE Must Love Dogs. Killing starts anytime after 12:00pm SAT 5/4/19.

More information can be found here.

Please share this dog’s desperate plight with approved rescue organizations, friends, family and social media contacts. Sharing saves lives.

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