911 Christmas miracle needed for emaciated senior pup

Animal neglect and cruelty have no days off. On Christmas Eve, an Atlanta animal shelter contacted Rescue Dogs Rock NYC asking for help. The senior German shepherd was found emaciated and unable to stand or walk.

Dubbed Rupert, the dog’s heartbreaking video reveals he has been in this condition for awhile as his back end is scaled with urine. He can feel and move his back legs, but he is just too weak to stand or support his own weight. How could anyone just watch this sweet dog grow weaker and weaker every day and never stop to help?


We have heartbreaking news that the ER vet said the Rupert was too far gone & suffering & they recommended letting him go. They said he was very unhappy & had been suffering for a long time. So we let Rupert go late today to finally find peace & be pain free 💔😥🙏🏼No more suffering sweet boy. We 💙 you🚨911 CHRISTMAS MIRACLE NEEDED FOR EMACIATED SENIOR RUPERT🚨Emergencies don’t stop for holidays. They don’t stop ever. We just got a plea from an Atlanta shelter asking for help for this poor senior shep x who is EXTREMELY emaciated & unable to stand or walk. As you can see in the video, he has been like this a while as his back end is urine scalded. He can feel & move his back legs but he is way too weak to stand or support his weight. He is at our GA ER 24/7 vet know for tests to see what is going on & to determine how we can help Rupert. 🙏🏼Will you help us give this poor guy the Xmas miracle he so deserves??PLEASE DONATE & HELP! 💔😥🐾www.paypal.me/rescuedogsrocknyc orwww.rescuedogsrocknyc.orgor checks to:Rescue Dogs Rock NYCPO Box 101New York, NY 10028Thank you in advance for caring & Happy Holidays! Rescue is 24/7 unfortunately.

Posted by Rescue Dogs Rock NYC on Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Rupert has been transferred to the organization’s partner veterinarian hospital in Georgia where he is currently undergoing tests and examinations to determine what is going on with this poor senior.

To help support the ongoing efforts of Rescue Dogs Rock NYC, who frequently reach out for the most in need cases, please donate to help:

www.paypal.me/rescuedogsrocknyc or
or checks to:
Rescue Dogs Rock NYC
PO Box 101
New York, NY 10028

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