8-year-old tried to drown a small dog in backyard pool

In Victorville, California, a disturbing video posted on Facebook showed an 8-year-old boy trying to drown a small dog in a backyard pool. The dog owners had been out of town and had hired a woman to care for the house and their dog. The woman brought along her 8-year-old grandson.

According to Fox News, the owners have contacted the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department to report the disturbing incident. Deputies supposedly have been out to the grandmother’s home, but it is unclear what transpired.

On the homeowner’s security camera, the child put the small, white 9-year-old dog named Brandy into the pool. The kid picked up the pool net and held the dog at the deep end of the pool not allowing the dog to paddle over to the steps. Every time the pup tried to escape, the kid pushed Brandy underwater and held it there – the dog unable and struggling to breathe.

The dog continued to struggle to keep her head above water – all the time desperately trying to get out of the pool, but each time the boy pushed the dog back towards the deep end with the pole and pushing her underwater with the net. Finally, after several minutes, the grandmother appeared in the video and took the exhausted dog out of the pool.

The owners were shocked. When interviewed the grandmother defended her grandson, but agreed  the child needs counseling.

Fortunately Brandy survived.

The video can be viewed here. Copy and paste the URL into your browser.


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12 replies
  1. Bunny Peters says:

    Whilst I am relieved that Brandy survived this horrible experience, I have NO doubts that other animals have not been so fortunate to survive an encounter with this sociopath. I suspect that he has been cruel with many other animals (& probably is responsible for many “missing pets” wherever he has lived)…….

    This abomination is pure evil and must be institutionalized to protect society. He is beyond counseling’s impact. He has NO conscience or compassion. He will grow up into a serial killer (it’s a fact that most serial killers practice on animals before graduating to people)…….

    If I were that family, I would sue the grandma for Brandy’s vet bills and a refund of the house sitting fees. She is a piece of work to “defend her grandson”.
    The grandma needs counseling because there is NOTHING defensible in that monster’s behavior…….

  2. Gens says:

    No, the grandma needs counseling , the kid needs JUVENILE HALL.How can he be trusted around small children he is a terrible misfit of a child

  3. Diana Rowell says:

    The “grandma” PROBABLY TAUGHT this little demon HOW to abuse and torture. Who knows what SHE has buried in her backyard! Yes, she is PURPOSELY raising and protecting an evil little monster that WILL take the lives of MANY innocent animals before he goes on to KILL HIS OWN CHILD! Way to go grandma, you raised a baby killer! God SEES all, FORGETS nothing and will be more than ready for her and this boy when the day of reckoning arrives. THERE SHALL BE NO MERCY FOR THOSE WHO DENY, DEFLECT and USE God’s creations for vile, sadistic sins.

  4. LizB says:

    What may be more shocking than this boy’s sociopathic act is the grandmother’s classification of it as an “honest mistake.” She also said that “he wanted someone to be with him and it could have been a stuffed animal or a rubber duck.” I wonder what he would have done with a child? Also torture it or even murder it? This boy and his entire family need serious mental help. I wonder what goes on in his home. I agree with another of the commenters that this is likely not the first time he tortured or killed an animal. It makes me feel sick.

  5. Penny J. says:

    This Child ( of Color) Needs far more then counseling:: These Are definite signs of Psychopathic Behavior!!! He needs to Evaluated with a Professional Medical Licensed Psychological Physician! ASAP!!! I would venture to say this youth has INDEED KILLED SMALL ANIMALS & Gotten Away with it :: Just as this little dog would have died had his GRANDMOTHER NOT INTERVENED!!!!!

  6. Pennys dachshunds says:

    He needs MEDICAL INTERVENTION in a Facility that does a Complete Mental Health Evaluation!!! I think he has tortured and possibly killed Prior to attempting to do the same with this Little Dog Had Grandma Not Come UPON the EVENT!!!!

  7. Jan Barnes says:


    Please keep us posted on how the poor little dog is doing.

  8. Barkley's Mom says:

    Unbelievable the excuses “Grandma” made up for this little demon! Grandma get a grip, your grandson is a serial killer in the making and you making excuses isn’t going to help his next victim!

  9. JCB says:

    I have no words for this abominable behavior! Doing online animal rescue, I see these inexplicable kinds of torture and cruelty beyond what most decent humans see or experience, I just pray that these innocent animals will receive their justice and comfort beyond this world, they deserve better. Brats like this need to be brought up on charges!


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