70 police dogs and community honor K-9 Officer Bane’s memorial

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Hundreds of police officers, community members and more than 70 police dogs gathered in the South Valley of Tulare, California on Wednesday to honor the life of K-9 Officer Bane with the Tulare Police Department. The police dogs gave a barking salute to their fallen companion.

According to the Tulare Police Department, Bane was shot and killed on December 9 while attempting to apprehend a suspect after a vehicle pursuit which began with a traffic stop. When Bane was released to apprehend one of the occupants of the vehicle, one suspect opened fire hitting Bane and wounding his handler, Officer Ryan Garcia. The other officers on the scene returned fire – one suspect was killed, a second suspect was wounded and the third suspect arrested and charged with four counts of attempted homicide of a police officer, the death of a police dog and four outstanding warrants.

Bane, a Belgina Malinois and German shepherd mix, had only been on the job one week, and the loss of this dog was a huge blow to the entire police department. Even though Officer Garcia is still recovering from gun shot wounds, he spoke from his heart on the podium at the heartbreaking memorial:

“Rest easy partner. Thank you for saving my life, and my family thanks you for allowing another day with me. Love you and I will never forget you,” the officer stated.

Police Chief Matt Machado held back tears as he honored Bane:

“You’re a good boy. You did your duty. Now rest easy.”

Rest in peace Bane.

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  1. Jan Barnes says:

    I wish with all my heart that more love, honor and respect were given to these K9 Officer heroes! I was totally shocked when I heard two officers on Live PD refer to the Canine Officers as “tools on their belts”! These unappreciative officers truly DO NOT DESERVE the honor and privilege of having these Canine Officers as their partners!

    Thank you for honoring dearest Officer Bane in the way ALL our Canine Officers should be honored! Let’s make sure that all our Canine Officers are treated EVERY DAY like the heroes that they are!

    Dearest Officer Bane, now you are safe and happy with all the other angel heroes!

    • Sue says:


      Those officers on Live PD let some reality slip out from behind the Public Relations facade! Because while the departments claim the dogs are “fellow officers and beloved “partners,” behind the scenes the dogs are referred to as “tools.” And how they are treated behind the scenes is also much different. In fact, it is criminal. You or I would be arrested for it, ironically.

      In my experience, there have been some handlers who care for their dogs, and will cry when their dogs die, but they don’t speak up against the behind-the-scenes brutality visited upon the dogs, including their own “partners,” because of the code of silence.
      Handlers who have cared enough to speak out about the cruelty to the dogs within their departments have had their dogs taken away from them as punishment (and handed over to someone who will gladly go along with the program), and then they’ve been ridiculed and taunted throughout the department, and to other K9 units. Ironically, our lead K9 “trainer” associates the willingness to torture your dog as “having guts.” But when he thought he had been caught for something he could have gone to prison for, he cried like a baby. So, he has it backwards, as they all do. “Guts” isn’t about dishing out torture, it’s about your ability to stand up to it.

      So, these big funerals, memorials, etc. are all just P.R. stunts, and designed to get people to financially support the K9 units, and the mainstream media helps them accomplish this farce, while refusing to participate in any exposes’ of the clandestine abuse and torture practices.

      The chief held back tears? What a joke!

  2. Laura says:

    Aside from the horrific “training” of these dogs behind the scenes, they also…despite their public anthropomorphizing of these dogs as “fellow officers” and “part of the family,”etc. …fail to teach the dogs about BULLETS and about how despite all their bold heroism, strength and agility, no dog has a fair chance against a bullet, or knife or club, etc.. They send these hapless, fearfully obedient dogs into situations where they dare not go themselves knowing full well the dogs can be painfully, horribly maimed or killed. And then they put on shows of honor and grief using more of these dogs. Something’s seriously wrong here, and no one (except a sad few) wants to see it or do anything about it. If I could I’d say to Bane, “Rest in peace forever now, I’m so sorry for my species, wish I could do so much more to end the insanity and cruelty.”

  3. Barkley's Mom says:

    I guess from reading the other responses, that I am one of the few that see these dogs as heroes and celebrate and respect the work these brave K-9’s do. Rest in peace K-9 Bane, Condolences to your handler, family and fellow officers, I know what a valuable asset you were to the police department and I know you will be missed.

    • Sue says:

      No, you still have a lot of company, because the departments do a very good job (with media assistance) of keeping people misinformed. There are those who, when they hear the truth, suffer cognitive dissonance, because it goes against all the lovely Pollyanna stories they’ve been told, but in your case it’s just denial, and/or very possibly some association, directly or peripherally, with these agencies.

      • Sue says:

        No, you don’t keep your head in the sand to the abuse of all animals, just K9 dogs. And, it is very strange, but personal biases are the equivalent of putting on blinders. In the face of what I and others have personally witnessed, the information which has leaked from departments all over this country and the world, etc., you steadfastly defend the perpetrators, and thereby sell out the dogs to their treacherous fate. Very strange, indeed.

      • Barkley's Mom says:

        I told you, I have my head in the sand, believe in Santa Clause and the Easter Bunny, and lets not forget the tooth fairy. I’m sorry you take offense for me choosing to care about and support the brave Police and Military dogs that give their lives so the Soldiers and Police officers can go home to their families. I don’t believe in this day and age that you are not able to bring to light the allegations you keep preaching. The press is all too willing to point out the atrocities the police do. Take your cell phone and go video this horrible training your police department is doing and send it to somebody, I guarantee it will go viral and you will stop the torture you are alleging. In the meantime I choose to honor the brave dogs that give their lives in service to humans. Whatever training the dogs are getting, they still deserve to be honored not belittled like you do just because you say humans are mistreating them. All the more reason to celebrate their lives because they do matter!

      • Laura says:

        BM: It is extremely offensive (aside from insane) for you to imply that Sue is “belittling the dogs.” Absolutely nothing could be further from the truth. It is you who is dishonoring them by choosing to ignore the covert “training” of these dogs and all the “mysterious” injuries and deaths that happen to them OUTSIDE OF their being harmed or killed by criminals.

        Keep on playing your straw-man word games and being self-righteous in your zealous defense of abusive police. Deny it all you like, and tell Sue she should go collect evidence that is virtually impossible to collect, with these training sessions, etc., being strictly off limits to the public (Sue hasn’t worked in a police dept. for a long time). It is YOU, with your evident breeding/selling of German shepherds, possibly some as police K9s, who is far more in the position of obtaining this extensive evidence you say you need.

        Sue’s provided plenty of information from her experiences and others’, all of which you gloss over, deny and ridicule, and worse, you say she’s dishonoring THE DOGS! Does your cruelty know no bounds?

        So, let’s see how real evidence is gathered, either to prove your side, or Sue’s. Find a training session near you, bring your phone, and covertly film it, then show us what they do. This can’t be where your friends/customers know you’re filming them, it absolutely must be done secretly. And even then, if you catch a helicoptering/slamming to the ground of a dog, etc., you’ll likely still say it’s just one “bad apple.”

        Anyhow, Sue and I will be waiting for your video link.

      • Sue says:

        What you are deliberately ignoring is that I and others (even with all the obstacles deliberately thrown in our path) HAVE brought to light the allegations we’ve been ‘preaching.’ I personally witnessed such abominations, and paid dearly for breaking the code of silence. The only one belittling the dogs is the one who keeps denying they are being abused and tortured.
        Here is an excerpt (included on my website) from a news article in the Daily Herald, the purpose of which was to point out the amount of TAXPAYERS MONEY WASTED (due to lawsuits) trying to keep training a dog who just wouldn’t submit:
        “Before he even got to Snohomish County, Yukon the police dog already knew failure and how it felt to be hanged… They hoisted him up by his steel choke chain and leash and watched him struggle and squirm like a fish on a hook. Yukon’s tongue popped from between his jaws. His eyes rolled back into his head until he blacked out. But the ‘stringing up’ didn’t work as planned. When he regained consciousness, Yukon lunged for a trainer and bit again.”

        Again, just like the Bakersfield article, they let slip something that ordinarily doesn’t get before the public, but it’s never done in an expose’ form, and is always surrounded by lots of public relations. But the truth is the truth, and there it is in black and white.

        There were efforts made (although I’m not sure how wholeheartedly they were pursued), to prosecute Sgt. Cockfield in Florida after his K9, Duke, died from being hanged and kicked, and to prosecute officers in Essex, England, after K9 Acer also died after being hanged and kicked. In both cases, not much happened, and everyone got off either scot-free or a slap on the wrist. I know of K9’s who died in my own department and throughout the county after being hanged and kicked (and I have the necropsy report on one of them) but nothing is ever done about it, the public never hears about it, which is overwhelmingly the case.

        There’s a video which appears to have been successfully taken down from the several sites that were showing it, but it is adequately described in the following links.
        And, because the video got leaked, a little skirmish was created, but not enough to permanently deprive the perpetrator of his job (he was REINSTATED WITH FULL BACK PAY AFTER THE HEAT DIED DOWN) or bring him to justice.

        Police Sergeant Fired For Abusing His Dog – Video played …

        When the “Everybody Does It” Excuse Works: Police Dog …

        I’ve taken up quite a bit of space with this, but I have a lot more, for anyone who wants to know more about it. You, however, obviously do not. So keep believing in Santa Claus, the Easter bunny and the tooth fairy. It’s not helping the dogs, but apparently it keeps you happy.

      • Barkley's Mom says:

        Sue and Laura, Give me a break, I am NOT a breeder or seller of German Shepherds. I Have 2 German Shepherds right now and a Beagle. I lost my Boy Barkley (GSD) last May. I believe what I see, I don’t see any evidence from either of you that indicates all police dogs are treated as such. I have seen training videos of police dogs, and since you cannot provide any that show me the alleged abuse you keep harping about I reserve judgement. Not all police dogs are abused, I believe that and will continue to believe that. Nothing you say or any names you want to call me will change how I feel. I do understand that some have been abused, I have seen the accounts and have spoken out about it. Why don’t you leave ME alone and go tell someone your suspicions that WILL believe you and CAN do something about it. I respect these hard working dogs, I respect our police forces and even though there are some bad eggs, doesn’t mean the ones that aren’t, deserve to be chastised for something they are NOT doing. When and If I ever see some concrete evidence that what you say is going on to ALL police dogs then I will gladly voice my disapproval and join your self righteous crusade. Until then, I will support my police dogs!

      • Barkley's Mom says:

        And Laura – If I ever do see “a helicoptering/slamming to the ground of a dog, etc” I will not be coming on here crying about how I can’t do anything about it, I will be going after the POS cop that did it, you can bet your life on that one!

      • Sue says:

        B.M., you’re just as slippery as the perpetrators themselves, always skirting around the fact that this is a heavily protected institutionalized criminal activity (and it only became “criminal”within the last 38 years – before the animal rights movement, there was no need to hide it). So, leaks are at a premium, and those who make those leaks are only succeeding in putting themselves and their jobs in danger, so far. And that’s also why video evidence gets removed from the Internet pretty quickly.
        As mentioned before, the abuses, which originate from the military, are still THE RULE, and any less harmful “training,” if indeed it exists in this realm, would be the exception to the rule, not the other way around.
        I wish you WOULD witness a helicoptering (or hanging, kicking, etc.), because you would then learn first hand how difficult it is to get any exposure of it, and how impossible it is to get “the POS cop” brought to any kind of justice. Then you’d also have to look over your shoulder for the retaliation which would follow, just because you didn’t keep quiet about it.

    • Laura says:

      You really are quite the gaslighter, BM. No one on this Earth has done anywhere near as much to do something in real life about police K9 abuse as Sue has. If you read her book “Breaking The Code of Silence” (1999), you would realize all she’s done at great personal expense and risk and you’d stop repeating your nonsense. She and a tiny handful of other brave souls cannot do it alone, and the media is exactly like you; with eyes glazed over and pretty blinders firmly attached, they put on a worshipful and happy face whenever a police K9 event is put on display for the gullible flock. It is entirely thanks to head-in-the-sand law enforcement fan girls and boys that nothing more is done to investigate, expose and stop the horrible training and other abuses. It’s all about you and your happiness though, so everything is just lovely in law enforcement…well, except for these crazy lies being uttered by a couple of heretics about police K9 abuse. Someone really ought to ban that hate speech! ? This all has gotten insanely repetitive though, only because you keep on coming back with more of the same old gaslighting, and it is unbelievable that someone could be so obtuse, and cruel. I hope to be done with you now.

      • Witness says:

        Don’t believe everything that is being said. I witnessed that December 9th 2018 shooting. The story above does not match what I remember. SHOW US THEM BODY CAMERA recordings. Please prove me wrong if I am. I know what I saw. I’m calling y’all out!! Smh.

    • Barkley's Mom says:

      Laura – You go you “tiny handful of brave souls’ I hope you prove me wrong. I hope you can get the bad guys, but you better check your propaganda, a lot of it is no longer found on the internet. You are done with me. I’m being vilified because I don’t happen to believe that all police officers are cruel to their K-9’s. I have never called you or Sue names, I just disagree with you. If you want to call me obtuse and cruel because I disagree with you then that’s on you. Yes this is absurdly repetitive, It’s time you and Sue get some new ammunition to convince the masses. Citing a book from 1999, 20 years ago is a little outdated. I will give my condolences to the police departments from now on to the departments themselves. I won’t ruin your crusade on the Pet Rescue Report. .

      • Laura says:

        BM: You as a fan girl of police are in a much better position to gather the current evidence needed, but you won’t because you want to keep your head comfortably buried in the sand. Or if you did you’d be sure they knew you were recording and they’d be on their best behavior…i.e. a sham.

        No you don’t call names, you do much worse. You passive-aggressively, smugly and snidely ridicule instead, from your assumed superior position. The date of that book has absolutely nothing to do with anything, the information is still valid, was 20+ years before then, and if people like you keep getting your way and living in denial, it’ll still be valid 20+ years from now.

        Here’s another of your “bad eggs”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5ZweAs6A9mI …who of course got to keep his job; you know why? Because this is considered normal to those in the business, mild even, and because the only mistake he made (in their eyes apparently) was to be drunk and be caught on camera. You’ll again say this doesn’t prove anything about ALL police dogs, as if 100% of K9s have to be tortured for anyone in power to take action against it. Where’s your concern for that dog and all those like him, or since they’re not “ALL” police K9s you write their suffering off as meaningless.

        Yes, you’re extremely obtuse, and cruel, and you do live in La La Land. Repeat some more of the same in response; you show those police heroes who’s their Number One Fan.

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