dogs rescued from cemetery garage

43 dogs seized from ‘rescuer’s’ garage on Roseville cemetery

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A total of 43 dogs have been seized from a self-proclaimed animal rescuer who was keeping dozens of dogs inside of a garage on a Roseville, Michigan, cemetery. As reported by The Detroit News, the dogs were being kept in cages in conditions described as “bad.”

The person who was in charge of the dogs is a 51-year-old woman who told officials that she runs an Oakland County animal rescue – her name, and the name of her rescue agency, have not been released. Roseville police seized the dogs between March 16 and March 19 – the initial count was 33, but 10 more were discovered on subsequent visits to the property.

An animal control officer with Macomb County Animal Control determined that the conditions of the dogs, and their living situation, warranted their removal. On Tuesday, Woodhaven Animal Hospital provided some insight to the dogs’ pitiful condition in a Facebook post about one of the dogs who was rescued:

Photos could not even do justice for how bad this little guy looked and smelled. He was covered in feces and urine from his ears, to his eyes, to his entire body. Our team sprung into action and he was so bad that we had to put him under sedation to begin removing all his hair. He was dehydrated, loaded with hook worms, and just plain sick from being so filthy. He is missing a foot and we do not know how that occurred. He only walks on 3 legs.

The woman who was keeping the dogs in the garage will face a citation for operating an unlicensed kennel, reports WXYZ News.

(Image of a rescued dog via Woodhaven Animal Hospital FB page)

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  1. Barkley's Mom says:

    It’s bad when dogs have to be rescued from a “rescue”. I guess some people mean well but let it get out of hand or are just nut cases that like to hoard dogs. Anyway you look at it, there is no excuse for letting dogs get in this condition.


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