40 dogs lived in filthy home rescued in Fresno area

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In Fresno, California, an investigation into gangs turned into the rescue of 40 dogs that lived in a filthy home in the Mayfair District.

According to the Central California SPCA, deputies and officers had convened at the home to serve a search warrant, but as they entered the home, the stench overcame everyone.

“Upon arrival, 40 dogs were found in the home completely littered with trash and animal feces,” the Facebook post from the rescue organization stated. “All dogs were seized by the CCSPCA and the majority were relinquished by their owner. All 40 dogs are safely in CCSPCA’s care and will undergo medical examinations…”

Although many of the dogs appeared to be in good health, many will need extensive medical treatment for severe skin conditions.

Updates on the dogs to follow. Many are expected to be made available for adoption in the future.

CCSPCA is a non-profit organization that relies on donations for its programs and services, including humane investigations. Members of the public are encouraged to donate dog food or make a donation online at ccspca.com/gifts-from-the-heart.

To report animal cruelty and neglect in the Fresno area, contact CCSPCA at (559) 233-7722.

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2 replies
  1. Jan Barnes says:

    Remember, “hoarding” is a mental disorder, and the person “really” thinks they are helping until the situation spins out of control.

    So grateful these dogs are now safe and well cared for!

  2. Lisa Zito says:

    This is awful. In my hometown. Hopefully they will be safe. CCSPCA is notorious for killing–we have a high euth rate here and many people dump dogs and breed out of control.


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