3-month-old puppy with leg bone exposed rushed to emergency hospital

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A three-month-old puppy, with a mangled leg and her bone exposed, was rushed to an emergency veterinarian hospital on Friday evening in Austin, Texas. Animal Control had been called to the owner’s home after receiving a complaint about a puppy suffering from a concerned neighbor.

According to Rescue Dogs Rock NYC, who were notified when the puppy was rescued, immediately stepped up to help. The staff at the Austin Texas Emergency Hospital administered a life saving blood transfusion because the puppy had gone into septic shock from the raging infection in her leg. Since the accident, no professional veterinary  treatment had been sought. It is unknown how long she had been left to suffer.

“The owner allowed her to remain like this for days,” the rescue organization posted now faced with more than $5,000 in veterinarian expenses. “They wrapped a cloth around the leg and placed a stick in the makeshift bandage.”

A shelter volunteer has asked the following warning be made public in hopes people with heed the advice:

“PSA: Please NEVER try to fix a broken leg on your own if you don’t know what you’re doing, just don’t! Please reach out for help. This little nugget who is 3 mo old. Was brought in by an animal control officer after someone tried to fix her leg at home and has caused permanent damage and severe pain. This little girl is in good hands now with a rescue. This is why we show up everyday together. I can’t imagine if I wasn’t there today when she came in needing immediate help. I’m so relieved and grateful! Her name is JoJo. I will spare you the graphic pics but I am hoping if anyone reads my posts and sees this to please understand, you can’t fix serious injuries at home. Take your dog to a vet, if you can’t afford that at least take your injured dog to a shelter and don’t let it just suffer.”

Authorities are pursuing animal cruelty charges against the owner.  The puppy, dubbed JoJo remains in critical condition. Her leg is expected to be surgically removed.


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  1. So because of this monster of an owner, this 3 month old pup will loose her leg. Can’t afford vet care, ask the vets office where you can take your dog to have her treated and let them know you can’t pay the bill. They will not turn away treating an animal especially like this one, but you give up ownership. This scum had to do that anyway, but not has charges brought against them. What happened to this pup to cause such damage? Thanks again to RDR of NYC for saving this pups life.

  2. Thank goodness there was a neighbor who saw this and reported it. The owner obviously didn’t care about the puppy. Thank goodness that Rescue Dogs Rock NYC is there to help out. My opinion of some of the people in Texas isn’t much. We are seeing too many stories like this coming from Texas!


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