Dead horses found on abandoned property

21 horses and one dog found dead on abandoned property

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On Friday, a horrible discovery was made in Wake County, North Carolina. As reported by ABC 11 News, 21 dead horses and one dead dog were found locked in a corral on a piece of abandoned property – someone apparently walked away and left the animals to suffer a slow and torturous death.

A neighbor told the news agency that someone who lives near the property had reached out to the local animal control agency for assistance, but nobody ever responded. Gwen Roberts, who runs Horses for Hope nearby, described the horrible scene that she discovered to ABC 11:

When I walked back there and went around the corner, it was just horrifying … they were all dead. It was just bad. It was really bad. They didn’t have to die. All they had to do is ask for help. It’s really sad.”

There was a lone survivor discovered amidst the dead bodies…one dog, locked inside of a cage with a dead dog, was still clinging to life. No word on where that dog was taken.

An animal cruelty investigation has been opened. As reported by CBS 17 News, the authorities have a person of interest in the case. The individual who lived at the property had not been since since mid-December.

(Screenshot via CBS 17 News)

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8 replies
  1. pennysdachshunds says:

    CAN”T SAY a Hell of alot for the neighbor’s ” Golly we haven’t seen anyone around for months!!! They are just as responsible for the deaths as the Asshole’s that walked away and left the poor creatures to die ONE OF THE MOST HORRIFIC DEATH”S THERE IS!!!! I can’t even imagine the type of Backwood’s Heathen’s that inhabit that part of the country…. Also WHY in the HELL WAS THERE NO RESPONSE from Animal Control or the Sheriff’s department if as it was reported authorities had been contacted and Never Responded!!! North Carolina is most Certainly a State all IT’s OWN!!! and full of YOU KNOW WHAT kind of People!!!

  2. maxiemom says:

    There’s no punishment on the books that even comes close to fitting this crime, unless you give this filth time for every single one of his or her victims INDIVIDUALLY, which is something prosecutors and judges never do. They let them off with one count, then very little time for that, no matter how egregious the crime.

    This was an especially horrible and totally unnecessary crime. Those animals suffered for no reason except that they had a monster for an owner and were unable to help themselves. He or she needs to be locked up for life with no way to ever get out of prison. EVER. If I had my way, it would be life with no food or water, the same way he or she killed his victims.

    • Jeanette says:

      maximum, I was thinking the same thing. living close to these animals why are they dead? what the hell are people thinking. evil people.

  3. Mary Ann Clark says:

    There is no excuse for this atrocity and the owner and law enforcement officials should all be given the same treatment!

  4. Adrienne Crognale says:

    The vile monsters that left these animals to basically a living hell to die a slow agonizing death need to be found, prosecuted and the same done to them. No less of a punishment for these scum. Why didn’t the neighbor call the police, ASPCA, any other animal group instead of waiting for no one to show up. Please keep us up to date on what happens with this case and hopefully justice for these dead horses will prevail.


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