Dogs brutally killed in Indiana

12 dead dogs and puppies, brutally killed, found in the woods

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A horrible discovery was made in the woods in Indiana a short time ago. As reported by Wave 3 News, a total of 12 dogs were found, brutally killed, in Jennings County on County Road 740 East, on February 28. The manner in which the dogs and puppies were killed and discarded has “sickened” investigators.

Senior Animal Control Officer Michelle Acton told the news agency, “It’s definitely something you can’t un-see. You just wonder what was going through this person’s head to do something like this.”

Of the dogs killed, just three were adults – they are described as a beagle mix, a pit bull and a boxer – the beagle mix had recently given birth. The remaining victims were puppies – some just a couple of weeks old. After the blood was cleared away, it was determined that the adult dogs had been shot with an air-rifle and two of the puppies had been beaten to death.

The authorities are hoping for a break in the case – anyone with information is asked to contact the Jennings County Sheriff’s Office at (812) 346-5111.

(Screenshot via WAVE 3 News)

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