1100 dolphins washed up on beaches in France

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Since January, a record number of dead and mutilated dolphins has washed up on beaches in France. According to multiple sources, the dolphins are missing fins and it is suspected that it has something to do with the commercial fishing industry.

As reported by France 24, the spike in dolphin deaths started three years ago – at the same time that industrial hake fishing resumed after a “long ban.” Fishermen have been known to slice off various body parts of dolphins that have gotten tangled in nets, in order to save the nets…

Some effort has been made to keep the dolphins away from commercial trawlers, reports the Associated Press. But the acoustic repellent devices being used aren’t enough – Sea Shepherd, a marine conservation organization, calls the devices “useless,” and claims that many fishermen don’t use them, fearing that fish will also be scared away from their nets.

As industrial fishing grows, there are fears that dolphins may be wiped out of existence.

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