Young pilot whale died in Thailand after swallowing 80 plastic bags

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A young pilot whale discovered on Monday in the south of Thailand that had been receiving treatment from a team of veterinarians for nearly a week, died after heartbreaking attempts to keep it alive.  On Friday, the whale spit up five plastic bags and died shortly after. Officials tried to help by covering the whale’s sensitive skin with shade and used boats to help it stay afloat.

In a post on Facebook for ThaiWhales,  the animal “struggled fiercely” as it tried to clear the plastic out of its body. According to the Department of Marine and Coastal Resources, the whale suffered convulsions before it died. An autopsy revealed, the whale had ingested more than 17 lbs of plastic bags and packaging that litters our oceans’ floors. Jatuporn Burutpat, the Director-General to the organization stated more than 80 plastic bags had been removed from the whale’s stomach.

Thon Thamrongnawasawat, a marine biologist, said the bags made it impossible for the whale to eat any nutritional food.

What a tragic outcome for an animal who has done nothing to warrant the carelessness and greed of humans.

Do you want to make a difference? The Plastic Oceans Foundation, in partnership with Tras La Perla de la América, is leading a beach cleanup in Santa Monica, California, on World Oceans Day – June 8, 2018.

Plastic pledges | Five practical ways to prevent plastic entering the ocean

Use paper bags to transport loose fruit from supermarkets and grocers instead of plastic

Buy a butter dish so that you can purchase butter wrapped in greaseproof paper rather than in cartons. Likewise choose cheese which is wrapped in paper instead of plastic.

Swap single-use cigarette lighters for matches. Environmentalists are frequently finding plastic cigarette lighters in the stomach of dolphins, whales and birds.

Ditch plastic bottles and drink water from the tap. Buy a steel bottle to transport tap water. Metal carriers also stop chemicals from plastic leaching into water.

Source: Plastic Oceans Foundation

This is our Earth and our oceans. Humans have no right to destroy it in such a reckless manner.

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4 replies
  1. Barbara Garabedian says:

    So sad young whale how awful throwing bags in ocean evil people who did this u should no animals eat those bags stuff them in your mouth & die bg

  2. Adrienne says:

    Such a tragedy for this animal as it tried to expel the plastic bags but couldn’t. How does recycling work if no one in these countries or elsewhere do that? If these items are recycled why not just throw them in the correct container to be taken care of. Too much in the oceans that these poor animals eat and this is the end result.

  3. Nancy Raymond says:

    Humans need a giant wake up call and start to realize that they are the cause of the waterways being used as garbage dumps. There is other life involved and this poor whale died because of the total lack of concern for anything other than themselves. The oceans, seas, lakes and rivers are NOT there for humans do dump their trash. We are destroying this earth at a rampant rate.

  4. Jan Barnes says:

    God bless you all rescuers for trying so hard! I pray that humans will learn to stop murdering innocent defenseless creatures!


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