Young buck wanders into backyard to play with family dog

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In Metamora, Michigan, a surprised resident captured on video a very unusual encounter with a young buck who wandered into their backyard to romp around with the family dog.

The person filming the precious moments stated the deer didn’t seem to have any fear of the dog or humans.

“The kids and I let the dogs out to play and saw this button buck coming around the corner. He came right up to us and let the kids pet him. He was out there for hours playing with the dog,” the homeowner stated.

Let’s hope the young buck smartens up and stays away from people when hunting season begins in Michigan at the beginning of October 2018.

(Video by Viral Hog)

Check out the video:

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  1. Diana Roby says:

    Adorable but that makes it more likely that this poor guy will be killed within the year. No fear of humans could make him easier to shoot during hunting season. That is if Fish & Wildlife doesn’t destroy him first for being a danger to himself and others. This video just might be his death warrant. It happens all the time.

  2. Stephen Phillips says:

    In these harshest of winter conditions, I provide appropriate foods for a crippled buck – hit by a vehicle here in a town of 3,700 over ten months ago (as does another neighbor several blocks away) – and although I often sit and converse with him, I take great pains NOT to acclimate him to approach me, nor to become accustomed to “hand-feeding” – specifically because there ARE malcontents here who would use such familiarity for nefarious intention.

    Honestly, for a community that prides itself on the beauty of it’s natural surroundings, I find it incomprehensible (and reprehensible) that the “locals” here are so adverse to the presence of these beautiful creatures in their yards: Rather than assault them for foraging in your gardens, why not try planting native foliage that they would be free and welcome to consume, or in the alternate – utilize plantings that they DON’T feed upon?

    As an avaricious species, we’ve historically intruded upon/co-opted THEIR environs and I am outraged that anyone should mistreat them as a consequence!

    And as a word of caution? Handling these wild creatures and letting them commingle with your domesticated companions may lead to dire consequences: Tick-borne diseases that they – as carriers – are minimally or not-at-all affected by, can be disastrous when communicated to your household companions.

    It’s tough not to want to hug them, to be sure… but we must learn to appreciate them in THEIR natural environment, rather than attempt to incorporate them into ours…


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