Years in prison for man who burned dog alive

Prison for man who burned dog alive
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A 22-year-old California man will be spending years in prison for a heinous act of animal cruelty which left a dog dead. According to CBS San Francisco, Devonte Sirwet was sentenced to six years in prison for the felony animal cruelty charge resulting from his crime of stealing and then burning a dog named Kato.

The horrific crime

In March 2018, Sirwet, who had months earlier been kicked out of his mother’s house, broke into his family’s home and stole the pet dog – he proceeded to douse Kato in accelerant and then lit him on fire. Officers with the Soledad Police Department arrived to the scene after a witness reported hearing a dog screaming – by the time they arrived, Kato had suffered burns over 90 percent of his body. The injuries were so severe that he had to be humanely euthanized to end his suffering.

SPCA for Monterey County spokeswoman Beth Brookhouser stated:

“The pain and terror this poor dog endured must have been unimaginable. No living being should ever suffer like that.”

Sirwet pleaded no contest to the charges resulting from the incident.

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An incredible transformation

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  1. THIS “DEMONIC ” Creature has NO SOUL and therefore DESERVES the same treatment in Prison & Hopefully will come out of there feet first ON a GURNEY. How that little dog suffered IS beyond Comprehension, and I actually feel pain for this EVIL BASTARDS MOM as SHE Surly REALIZES the FACT she RAISED and NURTURED this VILE BEING FROM HELL!

  2. I can only hope that everyday this f’g POS exists in prison will be so miserable he’ll wish he were dead. With any luck, he’ll die a miserable death behind bars. We can only hope. Just incomprehensible what this piece of slime did, how that poor dog suffered and that this POS is still using up oxygen.

  3. His punishment should have bee the same he gave Kato- let him burn to death. What good is he in prison to us and the rest of this country other than another way tax money is used to keep these monsters in jail. Do away with him, no redeeming factors to do this to his mother’s dog.

  4. Hopefully the savage maggots scumbag will get prison justice and will never be able to sit down properly ever again!!!!! It doesn’t qualify as a man – it doesn’t qualify as a human being – it qualifies as a parasitic amoeba – a rabid sack of shit. But do not refer to that POS as a man because it’s not.

  5. RIP precious Kato, I pray that the Good Lord will mete the punishment Ge sees fit on this abominable heartless critter so that he can coimprehend exactly how much suffering he inflicted on his Mother’s dog.


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