Woman witnesses man kicking and punching his dog on Gold Coast

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The RSPCA Queensland has launched an investigation after a man was videoed kicking and punching his dog by the side of a road on the Gold Coast Monday afternoon. A young woman witnessed the man who was accompanied by a female companion, kicking and choking the dog at the Palm Beach Parklands.

When the disturbing video was posted on Facebook and other social media venues, within hours it went viral with more than 500,000 views accompanied by thousands of very strong comments condemning the actions of the man. According to MyGC, the woman saw the man punch the dog with a closed fist and violently pull the dog by its chained leash.

On the Facebook page of the RSPCA Queensland, the organization thanked everyone for notifying them about the disturbing situation:

“Thank you to all concerned parties for sharing the incident seen on Facebook this afternoon. This has been reported from a first party source and our RSPCA Qld Inspectors are currently investigating the matter further. It is too early in our investigations to discuss potential charges. We appreciate the concern many people have shown in relation to this post.”

To see the video, please click here.

Warning: video is graphic and disturbing.

(Photos of dog abuse on Gold Coast via Facebook)

Make your voice heard when you witness animal cruelty. Be there for those who cannot speak.

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12 replies
  1. Red says:

    Amazing how these dickless men think abusing their pit bulls means they are sooooo manly and tough. All it proves is that they are worthless, useless, and needless in this world. They have no heart or soul and need to be thrown behind bars until they learn how to function in the world. LOCK THIS POS and his witch up….she is standing there ALLOWING him to beat the crap out of his poor dog.

  2. Mary says:

    I normally do not swear, but this man is worse than any SOB I have known. Someone needs to treat him this way. Please, take the poor dog away from him, and throw him in jail and fine him!

  3. Debbie says:

    I pray you catchthis guy & l9ck him up….look at his girlfriend just standing there like nothing is going on…..it looks like they were at the beach….I wonder if the dog was left in a hot car…..please work fast here…..this dogs life may be at stake….l

  4. Nancy Raymond says:

    There seems to be an ongoing lack of action by the RSPCA – the same old overused excuse of ‘investigating’ is the mantra of this lousy organization that is SUPPOSED to be animal advocates – what exactly do they need – someone to take them by the hand and literally take them to the abuser?? It is on tape, what more do they need? This poor dog needs help NOW, not when they get around to it.


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