Woman startled awake by coyote

Woman startled to find coyote in her house in the middle of the night

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An Oklahoma woman was startled to discover that a coyote was inside of her Bixby home in the middle of the night last weekend. According to Fox 23 News,  Bonnie Moriarty’s cat woke her up around 4 a.m. on Sunday – hissing at something. At first Moriaty thought that the cat was having a squabble with her dog, but when she turned on the lights, she discovered that it was actually a coyote in her room.

What happened next

Moriaty armed herself with a golf club…in case the wild animal attacked, and called 9-1-1 for help. Before assistance arrived, her dog, a miniature schnauzer, ran into the room to confront the coyote. Fortunately, the wild animal did not attack. Moriaty explained that the coyote simply crouched in the corner while her dog barked.

The wild animal’s fate

Three police officers arrived and were able to secure the coyote with a catch pole – the wayward animal was released it into a wooded area nearby. Moriaty thinks that the coyote had been chasing her cat and hit a door to the house that apparently wasn’t latched properly.

(Screenshot of coyote via Fox news)

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  1. pennysdachshunds says:

    This COULD have been a VERY bad ENDING!!! Doors need to be checked and EVEN DOUBLE LOCKED these day’s !!! The 2 Legged Predator’s are far more lethal than the Poor Coyote THAT was Just wanting a SNACK and really intended to harm to this Lady.. This may not be the case with a Human Predator!!! BE SAFE!!!

  2. Julie Enos says:

    I am glad this had a happy ending.
    No person or animal was harmed or killed and the coyote was released back towards his home.
    He probably ended up inside and just didn’t know how to get out


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