Woman mauled and killed by seven Dachshund type dogs

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Seven Dachshund type small dogs mauled an Ardmore, Oklahoma woman to death while she was outside of her home late last week. All of the dogs have since been captured by the Ardmore police department’s animal control officer where they were taken to the Westwood Veterinary Hospital and euthanized.

Tracy Garcia, 52, was mauled by the dogs on Thursday evening near the intersection of Banyon and Mary Niblack roads. She later died as a result of her injuries.

The oldest dog was aged at about three years old and like the other dogs had been reported to be a mix of Dachshund and terrier. According to KtenNews,  none of the dogs had legs longer than an adult’s hand and all weighed under 40 pounds. All of the dogs had been heavily infested with fleas and ticks. It is unknown at this time if the dogs suffered from any diseases or injuries.

One of the dogs was killed by police; the others were later euthanized at the request of their owner.

A necropsy of the dogs has been ordered. An investigation continues. It is not known if the owner of the dogs will face charges at this time.

Rest in peace Tracey Garcia.

Rest in peace little dogs. What happened?

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  1. There is a lot to this story that is missing. Was this woman known to the owner and how did she get in that close contact with these dogs for them to attack her so viciously to kill her. More to this story and hope we find out more of what actually happened and why.

  2. Yes as most of us have pointed out, it’s NOT just “Pit Bulls” that will “maul” someone to death. A lot is missing from this story like, where the person was when she was attacked, were the dogs running loose? What a tragedy that most likely could have been avoided!

  3. We will continue to see more of this, and shootings, stabbings, and suicidal tendencies among young people, as mandatory vaccination, and more vaccinations are added to the “schedule”s. Add to that all the poisoned and denatured foods, well, welcome to the party! The damage can take any of hundreds of different routes. Some get cancer or leukemia, some develop auto-immune diseases, some will die within hours, some have allergies (from mild to severe), and so much more; but some will have brain damage (‘encephalopathy’), and that is where the aggression comes in. If this is the first you’ve heard of it, that is testimony to the fact that the media serves it’s financial masters well, hiding facts and disseminating deliberate misinformation.

    I’ve tried to include links to relevant information, but apparently they are not allowed here. If anyone is at all interested, let me know, and I’ll get that information to you.

  4. I don’t know where fact and fiction collide in this story – how could seven small dogs maul a human to death – was she lying on the ground? These dogs don’t even reach a human knee when standing on two feet – this sounds like a bunch of BS to me – I am surprised that whoever wrote this stuff did not blame the usual suspects – the horribly maligned pit bulls. Something is very suspicious about this and it would be interesting to learn the truth. Regardless of what breed the dogs were – again, this is a human problem – whoever owned these dogs is fully to blame – the dogs were obviously mistreated, neglected and maybe abused.- the dogs were victims of human negligence – it is too bad a woman died but put the blame where it belongs – On the human owner.

  5. from other storys the owner didnt care for the dogs they were full of ticks and fleas not feed etc they were mixed doxxie type under 40 pounds

    • Correct, the owner did not care for these k9s.
      They were hungry!!
      You run around for years covered with ticks and fleas, neglected and see how you act..


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