Woman heartbroken after her dog died in the heat at boarding kennel

Dog died at boarding facility
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A Missouri woman is heartbroken, and filled with regret, because her beloved dog died in the heat after she left her at a Kansas City boarding kennel. Earlier this month, Luna, a 14-month-old Bernese Mountain dog, was entrusted to the care of staff at the Winding River Pet Village, reported Fox 4 KC News.

What happened to this young dog?

Willa Raybould left Luna at the boarding facility because she was headed to an out-of-town wedding. She learned that her young dog died after staff “lost track” of Luna for over an hour on June 16 when the temperature climbed to 95 degrees. By the time that staff found Luna, she was in distress…ultimately, the heat killed the young dog.

Her owner told the news agency, “She was trying to get somewhere where she could find a little bit of shade and she was able to get herself under this little ramp. I cannot believe this happened. It was so needless. It was because no one was watching her along with many other dogs that day and she died from that.”

Investigation into the tragic death

The Winding River Pet Village boarding facility is now being investigated. KCMO Animal Control went to the facility on a hot day and discovered that it was 85 degrees inside of the kennels – nearly the same temperature as outside. The owners of the facility are taking responsibility for what happened and they told Fox 4 that new sprinklers have been added, and new employees hired. Co-owner Becky Walter said, “We are just going to do everything we can possibly to make sure that this never happens again.”

Terrible regret

The boarding facility will likely face violations for Luna’s death, but Willa Raybould is left with overwhelming regret. She told Fox 4, “I regret going to the wedding. I regret leaving her there. I loved her and she loved us and we took such good care of her and we thought we were doing the right thing taking her to this place.”

(Screenshot via Fox 4 KC)

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  1. So they are taking steps to make sure this “never happens again”. NOT good enough, something like this should NEVER happen at a boarding kennel, we pay good money to leave our pets places that we believe will take care of our pets and then something like this happens!. I would be suing, there is NO excuse for this. If they are supposed to be watching your pet they best know where they are and not be “losing track”! I can’t imagine the heartbreak Willa Raybould is suffering at the loss of her Luna, I hope she is able to get some sort of justice for this!

  2. They dropped the ball? that’s how she puts it? no, ma’am, you killed a family member. Now they put in the precautions? So they knew they could do that all along, but they install showers and do something different “after” a dog dies “After”??????????? Why didn’t they do this before?

  3. I haven’t boarded my dogs for over 40 years. There are so many reasons why dogs should not be boarded in kennels. If I had to leave for any reason, I had a family member or a licensed and bonded sitter come to my home and care for the dogs there.

  4. Feel so bad for Luna’s mom. I know how I would feel as everyone hear has stated. No do better the next time, this place needs to be shut down or different ownership. It is obvious the owner was overwhelmed with the number of dogs she was caring for. A death should not be a consequence when you leave your family member to be taken care of while you are away. So sorry about your loss.

  5. Be very aware of Winding River Pet Village – apparently they ‘lose track’ of animals. This is one piss poor excuse for incompetence and irresponsibility – Luna died because of their ineptness. NOW they make changes, too damn little, too late. I hope Ms.Raybould sues the pants off this dump. They killed her dog.


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