Woman evicted from home left dog ‘Yolo’ starve in agonizing death

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In Dursley, Gloucestershire, a mother of two children evicted from her home in August 2016, simply abandoned her dog Yolo in the kitchen of her home with no food or water, leaving the pooch to die an agonizing death.

According to the Mirror, Emma Miles, 28, left Yolo – whose name ironically stands for “You only live once,” locked in the kitchen of her home. The dog ate his own feces and fur trying to stay alive. The RSPCA calls the dog’s death “the worst case of animal cruelty,” they have ever seen.

The Staffordshire Bull terrier’s decomposed body was found by workers sent in to clean. Brown sludge found on the kitchen floor was a sign of advanced decomposition of the dog’s internal organs. A necropsy performed on Yolo’s remains also found pressure sores – a sign the dog was unable to move prior to his death. Yolo’s remains were found wrapped in a black plastic garbage bag.


“In my sixteen years in this role, this is the worst case of animal cruelty I have had to deal with,” stated animal welfare investigator Alex Myrie. “The last days and weeks of Yolo’s life must have been the stuff of nightmares…”

Miles was sentenced to 18 weeks in jail, suspended for one year. She is banned from owning or caring for any animal for the next ten years and was ordered to pay $1,400 in court costs and $160 towards a victim surcharge. Most people would question if the punishment for Miles can even reflect the misery Yolo must have suffered before he died.

Rest in peace Yolo. We are sorry you were so betrayed and your death was absolutely unnecessary.


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23 replies
  1. Betty says:

    You piece of shit
    I hope you die the same way you did to this poor pup
    And shame on the courts ONLY 18 weeks
    No wonder cruelty keep going
    Rest In Peace sweet Yolo
    So sad you had to die such a cruel death Your owner had a heart of STONE

  2. Pamela Bolton says:

    That sentence is a joke!!! Shame on the court system!! She should be forced to live the way she forced the dog to live. No justice there.

  3. Pamela Garlisch says:

    18 WEEKS IN JAIL????????? What is the thinking of these judges?????? They should be disbarred from practicing law ever again! RIP baby Yolo, your life did mean something.

    • Bunny Peters says:

      You said it!!! Poor furbaby was failed by ALL the humans involved…… btw: no responsible landlord waits a long time to repossess their property….. time is money….. if the landlord had acted sooner, perhaps this furbaby might have been saved……
      His POS former owner should never be allowed to have animals or children….. too cruel to the animals or children….. Already know where this POS will be spending eternity: there is a special place in Hell reserved and waiting for her…… hope she gets there ASAP after dying alone, in pain, afraid and unloved……

      Poor furbaby….. RIP and please look for MacKitty. He will welcome you to his wonderful snuggle buddies group……

  4. maxiemom says:

    18 weeks in jail is a joke, but then to suspend them? That bitch deserves a hell of a lot more jail time!! How could ANYONE do such a thing? Why does Great Britain have laws on the books if they fail to enforce them?

    I hope she gets what she deserves, one way or another.

  5. Wanda says:

    I’m Sorry, but why did it take so long for the landlord to check on the condition of the apartment, after evicting the tenet?
    In no way, shape, or form am I defending the woman who abandoned the poor dog – but maybe she expected the landlord to be there within a day or two, to check on the condition of the residence so it could be placed back on the rental marked.
    Again, I’m not defending the horrible, inexcusable act of abandoning an animal.

  6. Ericka says:

    You should be so ashamed of yourself. You deserve ALOT more punishment for the hurt & torture you put that animal through. You deserve to rot in prison for the rest of your life. You don’t EVER and I mean EVER deserve to be able to own another pet. You deserve to be left in a cell to rot with no food/ water or human contact… NOTHING. You deserve the same death you gave that innocent animal. I mean all you had to do was take her to a shelter or just let her go. You are a lazy, psychotic piece of shit. I hope you the worst that could come.

  7. Diana Roby says:

    I agree about the sentence. What a joke. But I am confused about this sentence, which is in the original article: “Yolo’s remains were found wrapped in a black plastic garbage bag.” If she left Yolo alive and locked in the kitchen, how did he end up in the bag? It looks to me like he was dying or already dead, which is worse because she watched this poor dog suffer. Or someone came into the house later and put him in the plastic bag. Why not just remove his body. Sorry but something is missing from this article. Anyone else have any thoughts about exactly what happened to Yolo?

  8. Mary Ann Clark says:

    She should be in prison for life or given a death sentence! I hope she will be banned from any contact with animals or children for life! She is cruel and sadistic!

  9. Ja says:

    This is a stupid sentence why even put the fucken bitch anywhere. She will surely suffer for what she did to Yoyo. This makes me cry and the punishment the piece of shit got is a joke. Yoyo did not die in vain she will pay one way or another you fucken bitch scum of the earth not fit to live among dogs or human my you rot in he’ll and your days fill with misery.

  10. Nadya Rossi says:

    There was no real punishment meted out here. Suspended sentence? Small fine? She should have served at least two years in prison. No parole, no plea deal. This is the fault of a lenient liberal animal-hating judge and a legal system that sees animals as mere property.

  11. Nancy Raymond says:

    And once again authorities have shown their ONLY concern is the financial fines they impose on this frigging bitch – 18 weeks is a slap on the hand – she left this poor dog to starve – SHE should suffer the same fate. Just because she is a mother (God help those kids) – should in no way prevent her from being treated as cruelly as she treated Yolo – and to prevent her from owning or caring for a dog for 10 years is nothing more than a empty ban – who is going to stop her????? What a damn joke this sentence is – Yolo deserved MUCH better.

  12. Red says:

    18 week…..suspended one year???? FOR THE HELL SHE PUT THAT PRECIOUS ANIMAL THROUGH??? Do the idiot judges have any idea how long an animal suffers before they starve to death?!?!?? Someone should make them look at a ton of graphic photos until they are burned in their brain and them maybe the would stop giving slaps on the hands for this horrific torturous death!!!
    I hope karma finds Emma Miles and shows her the pain this baby went through!!!

  13. Joanne says:




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