Woman dragged puppy to death

Woman arrested – accused of killing puppy tied to vehicle

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A woman was arrested in Selma, North Carolina, for allegedly tying her puppy to her vehicle and then driving around a motel parking lot until the puppy was dead. According to multiple sources, the woman accused of the heinous act of cruelty is identified as 45-year-old Gloria Mitchell.

What happened in the motel parking lot?

According to a witness, Mitchell tied the puppy to her truck and then got in and drove over the puppy. Vikki Latter, a resident at the Knights Inn where the cruel situation unfolded, told WRAL News:

She comes back around the door, gets back in the truck, and cranks it up and leaves. I stood up and started yelling, ‘You forgot your puppy! You’re dragging your puppy!” Latter said the woman backed up over her dog, then dragged the dog forward. She added, “That puppy is trying her hardest to keep up.”

Charges the accused woman now faces

Mitchell was arrested by the Selma Police and taken to the Johnston County jail – she is accused of animal cruelty and is believed to have been impaired while driving because alcohol, methadone and marijuana were found in her system.

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18 replies
    • Bunny Peters says:


      RIP precious treasure……. Your life was stolen from you….. You didn’t deserve to be murdered…… please look for MacKitty in Heaven….. you will be welcome to join his group of snuggle buddies…….. so sorry that you were failed so horribly by humans……..

      That POS who murdered you will burn in Hell forever for her cruelty……. let’s hope she gets there ASAP after suffering a terrible death in pain, alone, afraid and unloved…….

  1. Kat says:

    She needs to be tied to the back of a truck and drug around just like she did that poor puppy! What ever cruelty is done to an animal needs to be done to the “human” also! If the “human” dies, oh well, one less piece of garbage that inhabits this earth!

  2. maxiemom says:

    Bitch needs to be tied to the back of a truck, dragged down the nearest interstate, and run over by a convoy of Mack trucks.

    RIP innocent puppy.

  3. Adrienne says:

    A jury of her peers on this site all agree to have the same done to her that she did to this poor pup. What an evil scum that should not be allowed to live another minute. I know God forgives us all, but this I believe is something that even for Him is evil.

  4. Marsha Squibb says:

    Looks like 100 miles of “bad road”!!!F-ing druggie that!!!!!Karma is a bitch,BITCH!!!!! No need for anyone like her to be breathing the same air as the rest of us!!! DIE cunt!!!!!

  5. pennysdachshunds says:

    This PUTRID RAT SHIT MORONIC ADDICT needs a TASTE of HER OWN MEDICINE!!! Put her in a cell full of women:: With enlarged photo’s of the despicable WAY she killed her little pup… and about ^ long handled brooms…. let the deputies take an EXTRA LONG BREAK FOR DINNER and turn the Music UP LOUD!!! Will save the county A WELFARE CHECK the Whore is getting to booze and drug it up.. Next she will murder a little child!!


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