Woman and 50 animals perish in fatal fire at Daleville animal rescue

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In Daleville, Alabama, an early Tuesday morning fire broke out killing a woman and 50 dogs and cats at the All Breeds Animal Rescue. Jane Clancy, 75, died while trying to save the animals stuck in the building.

According to the Southeast Sun, the rescue had been  in operation since 2010. About 2:00 a.m., Police Chief William Powell, Assistant Fire Chief David Grubbs and the Daleville Fire Department responded to the call about a fire. By the time the fire department arrived, the building had been fully engulfed in flames.

“She heard all the animals – she had over 20 dogs and no telling how many cats inside the house, and she ran back in,” stated Chief Powell. “It (fire) was fully involved when she went in there.”

It has been reported 17 animals survived and have been placed with neighboring shelters. On the organization’s Facebook page, the only new post read:

“Sorry we are closed til further notice. Dogs will be going to other rescues, will let you know who is where. Thank you Dothan Animal shelter, wiregrass humane society, saveapet Dothan for your help.”

Followers of the rescue have expressed their shock and sorrow over Jane Clancy’s death.

“Jane Clancey passed away doing what she loved and only respect should be given right now. She gave her last dying breath for those animals.”

Chief Powell described Jane’s death as “devastating” and described the woman as a “pillar of the community and always someone you could lean on if you had an animal problem…”

Rest in peace Jane Clancy as well as the dogs and cats you so desperately tried to rescue. You are a hero, and you will be missed.

(Photo of Daleville All Breeds Animal Rescue via Facebook ESther Harrell Tartaglia)

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  1. Tears…………so much gratitude to you Jane. I know you and the animals who died with you are in heaven enjoying the beauty and surrounded by even more animals.
    She died a hero

  2. That brave lady gave her last breath, gave her full measure of devotion in the service of unwanted, abandoned, and helpless animals.

    She walked through flames for them.

    Such was her devotion.

    You are an inspiration, Mrs. Clancy.

    A HERO!!!

    You will not be forgotten, dear lady.

    I will remember.

  3. It would have been a true HONOR to have know MRS CLANCY SHE GAVE HER OWN LIFE ATTEMPTING to SAVE THE VERY ANIMALS people and abused and tossed away like trash…. She is ONE IN A MILLION and I hope the township will remember HER AS SUCH>>> The animals will NEED SOMEONE to step up and take her PLACE as ALABAMA has a STATE WIDE problem with neglect, discarding, and abuse of animals…

    • Do you know something the rest of us don’t? Because I’m pretty sure other homes have burned down despite being up to code. Jane was meticulous and incredibly responsible. Maybe you should hold off on the indignation and judgement until the facts are known.

    • Yes, it should. However, the sprinkler system is not always able to save the building or its contents as evidenced by past instances.

      Fire extinguishers? This was a 75 year old lady, with her own physical problems, ALONE in the house!.

      I knew, respected, worked at the shelter and loved Jane. I do not believe she could have physically handled an extinguisher of any size. Also, extinguishers do not always save the building or its contents.

      One last thought for you. If it was God’s plan and will for Jane to exit this world at the time of the fire and to exit with some of the animals she so selfishly served, Lady, nothing would have changed the outcome.

      Remember, Jane made four (4) trips into the fire to attempt to save them without thought for her own safety! She was SAFE but her beloved animals needed her – so she went!

      Walk in her shoes before you are so critical of her and her actions.

  4. Jane Clancey went to the Rainbow Bridge with her charges. She gave her life trying to save them. Rest in peace, condolences to her family and friends I know how much this angel will be missed. There aren’t enough good people in this world and it’s heartbreaking to lose one of the good ones like this.

  5. Those who knew Jane, knew she would without hesitation run into a house fully engulfed in flames to rescue dogs and cats inside. Jane’s life was devoted to saving abandoned and abused pets. I have worked with Jane professionally during my tenure in law enforcement, and quickly became friends with her. She life revolved around those she rescued. Jane’s mission was to find every pet in her care a loving and caring home. She was on-call 24 hours a day / 7 days a week to go to a call of a pet needing rescue. Many law enforcement agencies ignored pleas of abuse and maltreatment, but Jane never backed down, calling out law enforcement when they failed to act. In times when a pet she tried to save died from the long periods of abuse of neglect and maltreatment prior to her arrival, she broke down and cried as if she had lost one of her own pets. Jane skipped many amenities in her private life to provide the veterinary care, and special needs her rescues needed. While she will be truly missed by me and many others, her legacy stands. She has enriched many lives by matching them with four-legged fur babies that have impacted their lives. I personally have adopted three rescues from Jane and I will always be grateful for that. RIP Jane.

  6. My heart is broken today. We have lost a friend a precious lady who stole my husband and my heart almost two years ago. We had a wild cat that we befriended living in an apart. She had five beautiful babies and Jane took them in. Four were adopted and she kept the mother and one baby for four months for Bill and me. During this time we would go and help Jane with cleaning the cat cages and were so impressed with the love she had for all the animals.Getting to know her was a blessing and I thank God for allowing us to be touched by this lady. We will never forget her. Bill and Noralean Lawrence


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