Woman accused of tying dogs’ mouths with bungee cords to keep them quiet

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In Ankeny, Iowa a woman has been accused of tying two of her dogs’ mouths with bungee cords for extended periods of times to keep them from barking. Elisa Andres, 27, faces animal neglect charges after dropping off the three dogs to a shelter on October 2 in an old wire crate.

According to the Animal Rescue League of Iowa, Andres brought an 11-week-old puppy and two adult dogs into the shelter, stating the dogs had been abandoned. The two adult dogs, Maddy and Beau, had deep indentations, abrasions and scarring around their muzzles and jaws. From the appearance of the marks, it was not just one time the dogs had been muzzled – the cords so tightly around them it had cut into their skin.

The puppy, Roxy did not appear to have been harmed. When ARL Animal Care & Control investigators examined the banged up kennel the dogs arrived in, they found the two thin black bungee cords that matched the indentations on the dogs’ muzzles.

The investigation led to Andres who had been given a deadline by her landlord to get rid of her dogs because of ten complaints of barking coming from her apartment. Tying bungee cords around their mouths to keep them from barking had been her solution.

Maddy and Beau are very fearful and under the care of the medical and behavioral teams.

Andres has been charged with two counts of animal neglect. She has pleaded not guilty.

Donations to help Maddy and Beau can be made by clicking here.

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6 replies
  1. Cathleen says:

    Sounds to me like Alisa Andres doesn’t have the common sense God gave a slug. When she’s found guilty of all charges I sincerely hope she’s sentenced to jail for a lengthy period. This POS deserves it. Poor dogs.

  2. Adrienne says:

    I agree, around her neck tightly too. I have a barker but we work on ways to train her to stop. Why didn’t she ask what she could do to get them to stop barking? So many ways online and she couldn’t be bothered. Sad but she is an idiot and not a good dog parent.

    • Animal Advocate says:

      Exactly. So many resources! She needs a bungee cord around her neck ! If you have screaming children you don’t tape their mouths shut!

  3. Robert Mendenhall says:

    She should never be allowed to own another animal again serve prison time for what she did she is a sick person and she needs to go to jail for a long time

  4. Dalma Bugg says:

    Well this is just so sad, two dogs chat away to fill in their boring day and their lets just say “minder” wraps their snouts in bungee cords – which of course will work it’s way tighter the more they try to move their mouths. She’s a prize toe rag idiot and needs to be shown the full force of the justice system, not tIs NIMBYs pamby “animal neglect” times two – to me that doesn’t mean anything like deliberate abuse high is what this woman did to the dogs, no way was it simply “neglect”. Throw the whole book at her – better still deliver it by bungee cord from 100 yards away.


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