Woman accused of locking dog in cage – starving her to death

woman accused of starving caged dog to death
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A woman in Quincy, Illinois, is accused of a heinous act of cruelty which claimed the life of a dog. According to multiple sources, earlier this summer, 24-year-old Brittany L. Tears intentionally locked a dog in a cage and denied her food and water.

The alleged act of animal cruelty

As reported by WHIG News, Tears allegedly locked a female pit bull/boxer mix named Nugget inside of a cage and failed to give her adequate food and water. By the time that the situation was discovered, the dog was dead. Police investigate a home located at 1308 N. Ninth after receiving a report of a dead dog – the dog’s remains were found inside of the cage.


Tears is facing multiple charges for the dog’s death, including aggravated cruelty to animals, a Class 4 felony, and cruel treatment, a Class A misdemeanor; she was arrested on August 20 and has already been released after posting bail.

(Booking photo)

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  1. Woman I don’t think so that’s a maggot puke skank cunt whore. Crucifixion and death by rice kernel roasting works fine for me.

  2. Here’s an idea throw this sack of shit in the cage don’t feed it and don’t give it water and see what happens to her.
    Any person who would do this sort of thing does not deserve to breathe pressure socks and I hope she gets her up and cumins.

  3. “Tears posted $300 bond Friday. She is set to return to court Sept. 4 for a preliminary hearing.” Three hundred dollars bail for the intentional starvation of a caged dog! I know that some states – and judges – are lax in their laws regarding animal cruelty, but $300 bail just seems ridiculously low for such an egregious crime. I hope the judge intends to make up for that when she gets to court for her trial and punishment. Her arrest photo depicts someone who thinks she hasn’t a care in the world. She’s someone to be very concerned about in the future.

    • Illinois does have some of the strictest laws in the country regarding animal abuse, BUT let’s hope the judge does his/her job and gives her the harshest penalty. Sometimes it’s not the laws but the judges. RIP furbaby your human failed you.

  4. Lock her up in a cage and never let her out and no food or drink for her. Let her experience first hand how that poor dog felt. What a vile monster. If only our justice system would let the punishment fit the crime. It might deter others from harming an animal if they knew some physical punishment would happen to them as they did to their animal.

  5. The cruel heartless bitch needs to be locked in a cage and starved to death! Then she can be escorted to her “special place” in HELL!

  6. Authorities need to start charging animal abusers with Felonies, NOT misdemeanors!! If a person kills a person it’s murder , animals are family. And if you kill a family member purposely, then a Felony charge should be brought. And a harsh sentence should go to those who injure an animal on purpose. Never to be able to own a per again. This just sickens me!

  7. Dehydration and starvation r horrible ways to die. Anyone who can sit and watch an innocent animal die this way is a horrible person. Until the law starts coming down hard on these monsters they will continue bc they feel like it’s no big deal. But animal cruelty is a big deal and should be treated accordingly!!!


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