Woman accused of dumping dog in viral video has been arrested

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A woman, accused of dumping a dog along a road outside of Springfield, Missouri, has been arrested. On July 13, the Greene County Sheriff’s Office alerted its Facebook followers that an arrest had been made:

Remember the lady who dumped “Hope” the dog on the side of the road?😪 She was arrested!

Ashley Nicole Devine, of Springfield Missouri, was arrested this evening and booked in the Greene County Jail for Animal Neglect and Abandonment (Class C Misdemeanor)

The viral video

Devine was arrested after Glenn Blake posted surveillance video of the dog dumping on social media – the video, which shows the dumped dog chasing after the vehicle as it drives away, quickly went viral.  Shortly after the authorities reached out to the public for help to find the person driving the vehicle, an arrest was made.

The abandoned dog

The dog who was abandoned was eventually rescued. The female Labrador retriever mix, dubbed Hope, suffered burned paws and dehydration from being abandoned in the intense summer heat. Hope was turned over to Rescue One for care.

Read the original article about this animal cruelty situation at this link.

(Image via Greene County Sheriff’s Office Facebook page)

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8 replies
  1. Adrienne says:

    Wonder if any of these cretins think they will get caught instead of doing the right thing and drop the dog off at a shelter where it would have a better chance of being adopted rather than dump on the road. Just how brainless are these things. I hope they have no children or other family members that they care for.Glad she was caught.

  2. KB2SEO says:

    ANYONE who could do that to a Loving dog should have a seat reserved in the sewers of hell. And I hope when they sit, the contents there of goes right to the bottom edge of her lower lip, and Satan himself randomly throws bowling balls in the vile fetid goo!

  3. Red says:

    THANK YOU for arresting this twit!! She is a horrible person and should be locked up, fined, and banned from EVER owning another animal or even living in the same home as one. She deserves no mercy, no compassion…..just dump her in a hole and walk away!!!!!

  4. C Mahoney says:

    If she has children, maybe Social Services should check in on them. If someone can do this to a defenseless animal they sure are capable of doing that to a child.


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