Witnesses saw man abandon a dog near a dog park

Witnesses saw man abandon dog near dog park

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On Saturday afternoon, just down the road from an animal shelter, and close to an off-leash dog park area in Ballard, Washington, a man abandoned a dog. According to KIRO News, witnesses saw a man in a large black truck take a dog out of a crate and leave the dog near Golden Gardens Park.

Alone, but not alone

Though the dog was abandoned – he was not left alone. Thanks to a good Samaritan (another dog owner) the abandoned pup had company until an animal control officer arrived. The abandoned pooch was taken to the Seattle animal shelter – a facility where a responsible individual could have surrendered the dog, for free.  Seattle Animal Shelter Executive Director Ann Graves commented on the abandonment, “It is just so unnecessary.”

It is illegal to abandon a dog – not to mention, dangerous. Dogs left unattended can be picked up by individuals with untoward intentions, or hit by a car.

The dog left in Ballard on Saturday is receiving care and the shelter staff will care for him until the authorities conclude their investigation into who left him.

Find the Seattle Animal Shelter on Facebook here.

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  1. Diana Rowell says:

    What the hell is wrong with people? HOW does ANYONE equate THIS as a BETTER option than taking these LOYAL companions to a shelter? They’re vulnerable: to attacks by stray dog packs, being hit and left to endlessly suffer, starvation, dehydration, evil doers who take delight in torturing YOUR DOG for weeks/months until an excruciating death, and worst of all are the dog fighters that WILL use them as bait and as they’re being RIPPED apart piece by piece for DAYS until death, they wonder: what the f**k did I EVER DO TO YOU TO DESERVE THIS!?!

  2. Lynda Denney says:

    I think it’s horrific that some insane person abandoned this dog. I’ve fallen in love with him and can provide a wonderful home with a lot of love!


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