When seniors are abandoned: Can you help Abby?

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Meet Abby; just one day after celebrating Independence Day, this sweet eight-year-old Labrador retriever hardly has any reason to celebrate. More than likely Abbey was picked up as a stray and is microchipped. Where is her family and why aren’t they looking for her? Abby quietly waits for them to return at the Inland Valley Humane Society in Pomona, California.

Her sadness shows in her demeanor; almost as if she has no hope.

Video #1

NO LONGER AVAILABLE The reality of shelters, specially when seniors are abandoned.ABBY will be available on July 11 for public adoption and for rescues as well ABBYRetriever Mix / Labrador MixAge (approximate): 8 yearsSex FemaleColor TAN/WHTAvailable on:(Subject to change) Jul 11, 2018Rescue Date:(Subject to change) July 11, 2018Control Number: #I1296749http://ivhsanimals.org/#/animal/1033304The shelter does not disclose updates to me after the dogs are no longer in their care. Please contact them for any INFORMATION and/or UPDATES. Adoptions have to be made in person. Potential adopters have to bring their other dogs (if any) for a meet and greet. Im only a net-worker therefore, i do not have pulling rights. I name the dogs for personal references, the shelter doesn't know those names so always make sure to ask for a dog by their control number not by their name to avoid confusion.INLAND VALLEY HUMANE SOCIETY POMONA CA 91767909 623-9777 —http://www.ivhsspca.org/PHOTO THREAD https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=2084943871825955&set=a.1454924388161243.1073741829.100009310861488&type=3&theater

Posted by Dolores Menchaka on Wednesday, July 4, 2018

ABBY will be available on July 11 (3 weeks before rescues are able to pull her)

Retriever Mix / Labrador Mix
Age (approximate): 8 years
Sex Female
Available on:
(Subject to change) Jul 11, 2018
Rescue Date:
(Subject to change) Aug 8, 2018
Control Number: #I1296749

Click here for Abby’s adoption listing.

Please contact the shelter for additional information and updates. Adoptions have to be made in person. Potential adopters have to bring their other dogs (if any) for a meet and greet. Do not ask for the dogs by names; make sure to reference their control number (#I1296749)

909 623-9777

Share this dog’s plight with approved rescue organizations, friends, family and social media contacts. A Facebook page can be followed here. (Photos and video via Dolores Menchaka)

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7 replies
  1. Diana Roby says:

    Shared Abby. Does anyone know why there is a three week time period between when a dog can be adopted until they can be rescued? Not too familiar with this shelter.

  2. Star Shelley says:

    Sharing Abby with love and prayers to find her a loving home. Damn her owners for walking away from her. Karma to them and I hope they have no peace in heart, mind and soul with nightmares for the rest of their pathetic lifes.

  3. slv says:

    Such a sad, sweet girl!!! I”m sure there is someone out there who would love her and make her happy. I bet she’d give 100x the love back. Won’t someone adopt her??

  4. Adrienne says:

    Hope Abby’s owners are looking for her and just have not looked at the right shelters. What a sad,dejected look on this dog, without all things familiar to her.She looks like such a nice dog too. Hope she finds a home or even a foster soon.


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