Wildlife center issues warning after possum found caught in plastic

Warning issued by wildlife center after possum is injured by plastic

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A picture is worth a thousand words, and in this instance, if the pictures aren’t enough, some words of warning have accompanied several images of an injured animal in an effort to get the general public to be mindful of their plastic castoffs. The warning was posted on December 30 by the Wild West Wildlife Rehabilitation Center in Amarillo, Texas.

“Late last night we had a visit from one of our favorite Animal Control Officers, Kara. She brought in a Juvenile Opossum that had a 6-pack Ring embedded around his neck/leg.”

According to the wildlife center, the possum had been suffering with the plastic ring around his body for quite some time and he was injured as a result. Fortunately, the possum was freed from the painful, embedded plastic and he is expected to make a full recovery.

Had he not been found, the story would be much, much different. Please cut plastic rings before tossing them in the garbage – you might save a life.

A few fun facts about opossums:

  • Rarely infected with rabies or other diseases
  • Scavengers who eat fruits, insects, snails, slugs, snakes, rats and discarded food from the garbage
  • Possums are the only marsupials in North America
  • Possums are gentle and are not considered to be dangerous animals

(Images via Wild West Wildlife Rehabilitation Center Facebook page)

More news and updates at the National Animal News Facebook page

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  1. Julie Enos says:

    I had heard about these we are supposed to cut them up before putting them into the trash thank god someone found him


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