Video: Sheriff’s deputy asks runaway horse ‘will you stop please’

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A Pasco Sheriff’s Office deputy gave us all a big smile while rounding up a runaway horse on Wednesday morning. Who would expect to see a gorgeous paint running north on US 19 in the Hudson area at 8:00 a.m.?

When the deputy spotted the horse, he carefully pulled up alongside of him while calling the Agricultural Unit for assistance.

“We’re traveling at one horse power,” the deputy could be heard saying.

But that wasn’t all the deputy said. On the organization’s Facebook page,  the polite and exemplary officer of the law is heard asking  the horse to “please stop” and repeated the request twice, however the horse just wasn’t in the mindset to heed the man in uniform. Instead it has been told he had been “just horsin’ around.”

Fortunately, the horse was successfully corralled as officers directed him to take a left on Rainbow Oaks Drive and into a subdivision along Emerald Ridge Drive where he was out of danger of oncoming traffic. Deputies were then able to stop him and locate his owners. All’s well that ends well; the horse is fine and has been reunited with his family.

(Photo and video of runaway horse courtesy of Pasco Sheriff’s Office Facebook.)

Check out the video – guaranteed to bring a smile to your face.


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  1. Glad the escapee is back with family.

    One of our horses is an escape artist and we worry about him when he gets loose…..

    Bravo to all those wonderful people who helped this treasure get home…….


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