Video of terrified dog in shelter breaks hearts

Video of terrified dog
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A video of a terrified young dog in a Texas animal shelter has been breaking hearts – the dog, initially dubbed Clifford, before staff realized that “he” was a “she,” is clearly overwhelmed inside of the shelter kennel run.

The heartbreaking video

Video clearly reveals how overwhelming shelter life can be for a frightened pup – Cleo is terrified, but not aggressive. The young dog tries to hide in piping on the shelter wall – desperate to escape her sad reality.

The outcome for this frightened dog

Behold the power of social media…Cleo’s sad video impacted hundreds of people and now, she has been rescued!! On Friday, the Facebook page for the Friends of the Weatherford Parker County Animal Shelter wrote:

Thanks to C.A.R.E. Animal Rescue in Strawn, TX for getting Cleo (aka Clifford). They sent in a tag for her and picked her up this afternoon. She will have time to be evaluated and decompress before being available for adoption, so be watching their page for her.

Terrified dog rescued

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  1. Endless thanks and blessings to sweet Cleo, her caregivers and rescuers! Please keep us posted on how she is doing!

  2. She looks so happy and sure she will be in a loving home soon. Thanks to C.A.R.E. Animal Rescue for pulling her.

  3. THANK YOU CARE::: I was surprised To say the Least that there are Valid Rescues in the state of Texas::: Every time I hear TEXAS I think of HARRIS COUNTY and I get Physically ILL at what I hear and have seen…


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