Video of kangaroo being fed beer under investigation

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In a disturbing incident of animal cruelty, a video showing a kangaroo being fed beer, is currently under investigation. The Saturday evening incident occurred in Halls Gap, Victoria and had been posted on Snapchat upsetting animal advocates across the country.

According to the Stallwell Times, Warren Groves, safety manager of the Northern Grampian Shire Council’s environmental committee, stated that feeding an animal alcohol is both reprehensible and cruel. Unfortunately tourists feeding wildlife has been an ongoing problem in the area.

“Feeding wildlife can have significant negative impacts on the health of animals and birds, and leads to aggressive behavior of animals fighting each other and pestering people,” a member of the community team stated.

The impact of feeding wild animals also makes a difference in their ability to survive in their own natural habitats. Feeding wildlife in Victoria is illegal. A Wildlife Action Group has been established to control visitors’ behaviors through education. New signs have been installed asking people not to feed the animals.

As for some obvious fools feeding a wild animal alcohol, the community is asked to report such atrocities and bring these culprits to justice. What could be funny about a drunk animal when it could so easily die from that kind of “joke”? Wildlife is to watch, appreicate and admire – not to abuse for one’s selfish motives.

(Photo of kangaroo being fed beer via Snapchat screenshot)

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6 replies
  1. JEANETTE says:

    whomever gave that poor too the beer, I would like to get him/her/them and shove it down their human throats instead.

  2. Julie Enos says:

    I hope they catch them. Poor kangaroo they made him terrible sick if they did not kill him doing this

  3. Pamela Garlisch says:

    It’s just amazing to me how many stupid people there are in this world! We’re going downhill fast.

  4. Nancy Raymond says:

    More proof that humans are the most dangerous species – they have their brains located up their asses – I swear some people should have been aborted not birthed. Hope the kangaroo is OK – to do this to an innocent animal shows the level society has sunk to.


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