Video of dog that ingested meth leads to his remarkable rescue

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A viral video of a small dog alleged to have been high on meth near Redlands, California had been posted on social media by his owner; the woman cried out for help on Sunday.

“My poor puppy is high! I don’t want to give her back to an addict… what do I do? someone please help,” the young woman posted on her Facebook page along with this video.

Posted by Suzette Hall on Sunday, September 16, 2018

Fortunately it wasn’t long until help arrived. Through a series of volunteers and transport, the dog was transported to an emergency veterinarian and treatment was immediately ordered. Dream Fetchers,stepped up to cover the expenses.

According to the woman who posted the video, she had been in treatment at a sober living facility. Unfortunately, she had left her dog with her ex-boyfriend who she stated was a “meth head.” When the woman went with her young son to the park on Sunday to visit the dog, she videoed the dog’s behavior and asked a friend to post it on social media asking for someone to help. It is not known how long the dog suffered, or if the dog had accidentally ingested the drug or if it had been a deliberate animal cruelty act, but because of the kindness of strangers, this little pup will heal and be adopted out to someone who will give him a better life.

Check him out now:

Posted by Suzette Hall on Sunday, September 16, 2018

On Monday, this adorable and very lucky little guy will be transferred to Animal Hope and Wellness.

To help Dream Fetchers with their remarkable rescue efforts, donations can be made by clicking here.

Read the latest animal related news on the National Pet Rescue Facebook page.

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  1. Gizmos Mommy says:

    Okay I don’t get it – the stupid bitch left the dog with her boyfriend a drug addict??? Well she’s just as guilty as he is. Maggot skank.


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