Video: Clewiston Police round up fleeing pony

On Tuesday morning, the Clewiston Police Department received a call referencing a horse running down U.S.#27. With officers wondering if someone might have been “pranking,” a patrol unit was quickly dispatched. Sure enough – there she was, however it wasn’t really a horse, but more like an adorable pony who had been out for a morning jog – or more equine appropriate – a morning gallop.

After a short pursuit, officers were able to take the pony into custody with the help of “pony whisperer” Officer McLeod.

“Needless to say our cuffs didn’t work. Pony was processed for “Fleeing to Elude” an officer,” the department wrote on their Facebook page.

And so the pony was held for questioning. The officer posted the following:

“After interviewing the pony, he was released as he was just trying to train for a future marathon. After a few carrots, he was brought back to his pasture. We would like to thank the community who supplied the carrots and helped us contain the horse in an area where we could use rope to bring him back home.”

Watch the adorable video to the end, but pay special attention as the other ponies all galloped to the fence to greet their friend home – all safe and sound.

Hoping this all brings a smile to everyone’s face:

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  1. Jo says:

    Darn I saw only one horse galloping towards the pony and the video was done!! If there’s more footage now im sure all of fans of your website would love to see it!!!


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