Video appears to show Amazon contractor dumping large package on puppy

Amazon contractor dropped box on puppy
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An Amazon contractor was either careless, or purposefully cruel, when he dropped a large package on a puppy inside of a family’s fence. The surveillance video which captured the incident was posted to social media on Thursday – the puppy’s outraged owner wrote:

This guy from amazon threw a package right on my puppy and you can tell it was on purpose, he didn’t even care. Please share the hell out of this.

The video shows a man walking up to a chain link fence and dropping a large box over the fence – apparently directly onto the pup. According to the Miami Herald, Amazon has fired the delivery contractor and released a statement about the situation:

“This does not reflect the high standards we have for delivery partners, and this individual is no longer delivering Amazon packages. We have reached out to the customer with our sincerest apologies and to offer our support.”

While some people have stated that perhaps the driver wanted to put the package inside of the fencing for the purchaser’s protection, the pup’s owner has other views. Brittany Aaron, the puppy’s owner, stated:

“I just don’t see why he would purposely do that when he could of put it by the garage door or front door. There was no logic in what he did. He clearly knew what he was doing.”

According to Aaron, the puppy appears to have a “squinty eye” after possibly being hit with the corner of the 7-pound box.

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    • The puppy has a family. It was their surveillance camera that caught what happened. Heck, even if the man didn’t drop the package on the dog, I would be angry that he just dropped my package from that height. He definitely needs to find a different line of work.

  1. Good lord, I would be mad at the way he threw the package over the fence to begin with, never mind leaving it with two dogs that could destroy it even if they weren’t hit. What if there was something breakable in the box? Yes this jerk should be fired and not just for dumping a box on the dog, his delivery skills leave much to be desired.

  2. Even if this delivery guy wanted to keep the package safe by putting it over the fence, he did with it with no thought of safety for the puppy. This was malicious and cruel and he should be brought up on animal cruelty charges.

  3. I do commend Amazon for firing this asshole – he was either thoughtless, irresponsible or just did not care – now he has no job and totally deserved losing it. Watched the video and this idiot wasn’t paying any attention – he just dumped the package over the fence without even looking – someone so unconcerned about the dog and the contents of the package he is responsible deserved exactly what he got – unemployment.

  4. Hope his pet parents took him to the vet. Glad the asshole was fired Amazon should pay for the vet bill and any damage done to the poor little guy. Sickening. Glad she caught it on a security camera. Also could have damaged the order by letting it drop. Why not just put it outside the gate?!


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