Senior dog at risk

Urgent help needed for Jade: Sweet dog with a bad cold in danger

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On January 6, Jade’s life fell apart. The eight-year-old friendly pup was surrendered to a shelter by his family; they noted “personal health problems” as the reason Jade was turned into the Brooklyn Care Center in New York City.

This Tuesday morning Jade finds himself on the “to be destroyed list.” Notes from the shelter reveal the following about his health:

“Jade 17765 is at risk due to being diagnosed with Canine Upper Respiratory Disease Complex and will likely require home rest and a series of antibiotics for up to 14 days. This is a contagious illness to other dogs. He has shown no concerning behaviors.”

Since he was two-months-old, Jade lived with his family which included a young child. His family spoke Japanese, and of course Jade also understands his commands in the same language. Volunteers sing his praises:

“You gotta love a guy who can snooze when all around him is going bananas. I did a double-take when Jade finally roused himself to see what the fuss was about. His pictures don’t do him justice — he’s long, lanky, and gleaming gold. He is a pleasure to leash and walk, and takes care of business right away. Though a bit reserved to start, he’s soon smiling back at you and then leaning against you for shoulder rubs, and likes playing fetch. He is dealing well having lost the only home he’s known since puppyhood, as his former owner was having personal problems. Jade was gentle with the small child there, didn’t mind being brushed, bathed or pushed off furniture, and didn’t guard his food or things. Jade aced his behavior exam, and is now ready for a lucky new home. “

Who could ask for a sweeter dog?

JADE, ID 17765, @ 8 Yrs. Old, 73 Lbs.
Brooklyn Acc , Brown / White, Unaltered Male
Owner Surrender Reason: Parent’s Health
Shelter Assessment Rating: AVERAGE
Behavior Condition: 1. GREEN

There are five dogs listed today “at risk.” Follow their plights and share their stories by clicking here. Sharing saves lives.

From the shelter’s at risk site:

For anyone who wishes to adopt, there is a mandatory deposit fee of $200 plus a transaction fee per animal to place an adoption reservation. The $200 covers $50 toward the adoption fee and $150 for the spay/neuter deposit. If the animal has already been spayed or neutered or is permanently waived by one of our veterinarians, the $150 deposit will be refunded at the time of the adoption. If the animal does need to leave without being spayed or neutered due to his/her medical condition, the $150 deposit will be refunded at the time they are brought back for the spay/neuter surgery or when proof of sterilization being done elsewhere is provided to ACC. If you do not follow through with the adoption, the entire $200 deposit will be considered a charitable donation to ACC’s Special Treatment and Recovery Fund (STAR). Also, if the adoption fee for an animal is less than $50, the difference will be considered a charitable donation to the STAR Fund. Similarly, in-shelter pricing promotions do not apply to at-risk animals.

To complete an adoption, please click reserve on the animal of your choice. That animal will be loaded in your cart and you will have 15 minutes to complete the adoption process. In order to complete your reservation, you need to check out (top right corner). At this point, you will enter in your credit card information and a receipt will be emailed to you as confirmation of your reservation. If you have any issues, please email for help navigating the website.

Check out Jade’s video here: (Lovingly described as “super precious.”

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7 replies
  1. Diana Roby says:

    Jade is a sweet senior on the “to be destroyed” list. Jade has kennel cough, which is 100% treatable. He needs out asap before the shelter decides that he has a “medical” issue and destroy him. Please share on your public Facebook page.

  2. Darla says:

    This dog absolutely broke my heart. I’ve been meaning to try and find an update and I found one. If you click on the “to be destroyed” link, it shows this with Jade’s picture: “Safe – 1-24-2018 Brooklyn” – great news!!!


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