Update: Stray pregnant dog intentionally slashed in Texas

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Less than two weeks ago, Natasha had been rescued by Rescue Dogs Rock NYC. At a Texas kill shelter, tiny Natasha had curled herself up into a ball in the far corner of the cold, dirty cement floor of her kennel cage. She had been in severe pain and shock; someone had mercilessly slashed her on her back.

“We were told that she would be euthanized if not out of the shelter immediately,” wrote Rescue Dogs Rock NYC, co-founder Stacey Silverstein. “We could not leave her there to die so we rescued her to safety. Natasha is now receiving life saving medical care at our vet partner in San Antonio.”

On Sunday night, Natasha brought four tiny puppies into the world.

“Our courageous Natasha gave birth this morning to 4 babies,” wrote co-founder of Rescue Dogs Rock NYC on their Facebook page. “She is still recovering from the deep wound on her back due to a sick person intentionally slashing her.”

“She is now in a medical foster home close to our San Antonio  Vet where she will nurse her babies and continue to recover from her back wound. Foster Mom says it was a long night as the babies needed to be syringe fed due to Natasha’s milk not coming in.”

Five lives were saved and now will continue to grown and thrive.  To help more dogs – just like Natasha and her new family, donations are needed. Check out the photos and fall in love. 

Read previous article when Natasha was rescued here.

Latest photos of slashed dog recovering with her puppies courtesy of Rescue Dogs Rock NYC)

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7 replies
  1. pennysdachshunds says:

    This beautiful little mom and her FOUR LITTLE one’s were given a NEW LEASE on life !!!! This would not have happened UNLESS the RESCUE DOGS ROCK —–NEW YORK!!!!!! NOT the Ambivalent, filthy shelter this little dog was dumped at in TEXASS !!! Why is TEXAS so NONVESTED in improving the situation for ANIMAL”S in need is beyond me…. Thankfully this Family of Five are safe and will GO to CARING HOMES AND FAMILIES … I cry inside for the thousands that are NOT EVEN GIVEN A CHANCE IN “THE NO STAR STATE ” of TEXASS!!! May they hang their heads in Shame!!!

  2. Adrienne says:

    RDR of NYC and their partners in Texas have saved the lives of these pups and their mother. Why and who would slash this mother knowing she was about to give birth. Scummy,subhuman thing should be caught and thrown in jail forever.

  3. Nancy Raymond says:

    Little Natasha did nothing to deserve the cruel and callous bastard who slashed her – and then to be stuck in one of the many high kill uncaring piss poor environments posing as a shelter in Texas which threatened to kill her if she was not taken out – and of course, Rescue Dogs Rock NYC immediately stepped up and saved her from death. I hope she completely recovers and gets the safe loving home she surely never had. And to the maggot shit who is responsible for her injury – they deserve and hopefully, will get a fatal date with a massive tractor trailer on the interstate.


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