Update: RSPCA seizes dog after video of alleged abuse on Gold Coast

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On Tuesday, the RSPCA Queensland seized the dog its owner had been videoed kicking and punching on the side of a road on the Gold Coast Monday afternoon. A young woman witnessed the man, who had been accompanied by a female companion, kicking and choking the dog at the Palm Beach Parklands.

According to the Brisbane Times, Michael Beatty, a spokesman for the RSPCA, confirmed the dog had been removed from a property near the Currumbin area where the video was filmed; no charges have been filed as of Tuesday afternoon.

When the original video was posted on Facebook by a young woman who witnessed the disturbing incident, it quickly went viral. The video showing the shirtless man kicking the Staffordshire terrier and punching it with a closed fist. He could also be seen pulling vigorously on the dog’s leash as the dog was pulled out of the back of the pickup truck. With the video, the witness posted the following description of what she saw:

“Animal abuse reported. Just saw this asshole pull up in his ute at Currumbin QLD and get out and closed fist punched his poor blue staffy in the head. Then started kicking it and dragging it around by it’s (sic) lead yelling at the dog to ‘settle down.’ The poor dog was just super excited at being at the beach and clearly had no training, plus the guy had no control of the dog with just a collar to lead it.”

The RSPCA Queensland posted on their Facebook page appreciation from the hundreds of comments expressing concerns about the welfare of the dog. In an update, the organization has assured the public the case is under investigation.

“RSPCA is appalled by the behaviour of the individual in this video and are encouraged to see that so many members of the public took the time to report this to us. We are currently investigating the incident with the assistance of the police. We understand and appreciate the concern expressed by the community and that many of you are curious as to what the outcome will be. Please be assured that this matter is being investigated thoroughly. Regrettably, privacy and legal considerations do not allow us to provide information to the public on the specific outcomes of an investigation. If anyone has further information about those involved or was a witness to this incident, we would encourage them to contact us.”

Anyone with additional information is asked to contact the organization at 1300 264 625.

Read the original article here.

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(Photos of alleged animal abuse on Gold Coast via Facebook)

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11 replies
  1. Stormy Wallace says:

    Terrific news – thank person who video’d and reported abuse & action taken to save dog. We must all be proactive.

  2. Pamela Garlisch says:

    Hope they put him away for a long time plus have to go to anger management classes, plus work at a local animal shelter. Evidently he hasn’t been taught that HE is not the center of the universe and other beings live on this planet too.

  3. Pamela Bolton says:

    That’s another reason they do things like that. They know their names or faces will never be broadcast worldwide. Everyone should be told what kind of people are living around them. This is disgusting. More care is given to the villains than the victim

  4. Christine Brown says:

    This is good news. Karma has her revenge again. This guy should never be allowed to have dogs again and he must be punished for what he did

  5. Nancy Raymond says:

    I am no fan of the RSPCA as they turn a blind eye to many animal abuse cases – BUT in this case they actually stepped up and seized this poor dog from the hunk of maggot shit male and his crackhead girlfriend – THESE two should be sitting in jail – BUT the important thing is the dog has been rescued – These two cockroaches should have their pictures posted in every shelter and rescue group on the Gold Coast – his actions and her lack of action are deplorable – two maggots who should be stomped on.

  6. linda says:

    SOB! It makes me wonder just how many pets have been killed and abused before the cell phone was invented. I now think of all those that were abused prior to that and no one was able to help because of the lack of evidence.


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